1 Pair Canoe Boat Kayak Roof Rack Car SUV Truck Top Mount Carrier J Cross Bar




  • Brand New in Box, 1 Pair (2 Racks) for 1 Kayak
  • Made of 1.5mm Thick Steel Tube, Can hold 36″ Wide and up to 150 lbs Kayak, Professional Made, Out-Door Glossy Black Paint, Rust-Free
  • Indented Tubing Design, Strong and Stable, Pre-Punched Holes for Perfect Alignment
  • Rubber Pedal, Foam Protector, All Weather Resistant, Mounting Bracket Size Please See Pictures
  • We have the most efficient Quality kayak rack out there, 60 days warranty, hassle free return.

Why Buy From Us?

Comparison between Our Universal Kayak Roof Bars and Other Universal Kayak Roof Bars:

  • The bars on our racks are made of 1.5mm Thick Steel Tubing which is much stronger. It can even hold 150lbs Kayak or Boat
  • Our paint quality is very high. We use heavy duty weather resistant out door paint
  • Our connecting piece for both bars on the rack are indented out of the same bar for a perfect and strong fit
  • The fitment of our bars will at all times be perfect as a result of the professional equipment we use to bend the bars
  • The foam padding and the rubber base cover are made of real rubber and foam. They are water and sun resistant

The competition:

  • Other universal kayak bars are made of 0.7 – 0.9 mm steel tubing
  • Other bars paint chips easily and isn’t very weather resistant. Rust will happen after one or two uses.
  • Their construction of either one of the J bars use two point welds from two different bars on the way to easily rust and will cause issues when installing
  • Because of faulty manufacturing or low quality parts, install times are much longer as a result of the fitment issues.
  • They use PVC for their mount base and foam pads on the way to shrink as a result of the heat causing more issues.

After you compare the two for yourself, you are going to know the difference. 

Our pricing will at all times be competitive but fair as a result of the quality we provide.

The Amazon default warranty is 30 days, but we will be able to offer 60 days. Buy with confidence and know that you will not need another kayak rack system after purchasing ours. 

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