1/10 PNSO Dinosaur Huayangosaurus Stegosaurus kentrosaurus Sideshow Dinosauria



Ultra rare – PNSO Dinosaurs 1:10 scale Huayangosaurus Taibaii 太白华阳龙 Scientific Reconstruction Model Global limited 200 Sets. The exclusive sculpture is by Zhao Chuang. Appears within the youtube documentary “I’ve a T-rex”《我有一隻霸王龍》PNSO. Highly advisable to look it on Youtube. For sale is the resin model only, the images also show the bronze original master copy, which isn’t included within the sale. 

New in box. never been displayed or played with. Model may be very heavy. Made of solid resin. Came with a wax-sealed certificate. I will be able to package it securely. If actual shipping cost seems to be not up to the estimated $35 I will be able to refund you the difference.  Preferred shipping to 48 US states. Alaska, Hawaii and international buyers please ask for shipping cost first before buying. Thank you. 


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