14.5′ Entry Level Touring Kayak



Fantastic long range paddler. This Georgian Bay kayak is calmly used and carries a ton of gear.

This boat is ideal for beginner-intermediate paddlers who wish to get into the touring kayak game. The boat is rotomolded like a standard kayak, so it takes a beating if necessary unlike Kevlar, wood, or fiberglass tourers. The boat has two dry storage compartments that go the entire way forward and aft of the cockpit. The deck is lined with utility bungee cords.

The boat has a flip-down rudder system that uses foot pedals in the cockpit. If you have got the weather on one side of the bow even as you’re crossing a body of water You’ll be able to use your rudder to keep the boat tracking straight, allowing you to paddle more efficiently over distances.

And this thing dominates distance. I took it out to my local lake one afternoon and ended up crossing all 12 miles of the lake in relatively high winds on a whim. This thing can take you where you wish to have to go.

Everything is in great shape, I just re-sealed both dry storage bulkheads within the hull. I’m a professional sailor so the job used to be very well done. The bungee cords are a little loose in some areas but they still hold gear just fine. The seat in fact inflates for comfort on long distances but I’ve never used that feature. You’ll be able to still buy seat pumps here: https://clearwater-design-canoes-kayaks.myshopify.com/collections/replacement-parts


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