1/6 Scale diorama



Every Witch Way, 1/6 scale shop for the 12″ figure. Decorated for the fall season, the Samhain (Halloween) celebration is on it is way. A Egypt display is within the window. The shelf unit is filled with tools of the trade, wands, incense and chalices. At the right side you’re going to find the brooms and teddy bears in their Witch hats. On left you find swords and athames. The quite a lot of bottles are filled with what is At the label. The greenmen are painted for the seasons. The dollhouse within the shop is done with a place for outdoor circles. Witch hats are decorated by me. The entire brooms are made by me. The lighting is all by battery, four lamps and two string lights, the 3 single lights and large window lamp have small switches, the string lights have a small battery holders hiding at the back of or inside a space. OOAK. The maximum measurements are, height-31 inches (top of cat weathervane), depth-21 inches, width-41 inches. Figure isn’t included for reference only


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