1916 Old Town Canoes Catalog on CD – Specifications, models, history



Old The city Canoes

1916 Catalog

Old The city Canoe Company 

Old The city, Maine, USA

This vintage catalog features a 
detailed description of the Company, the history and development of the canoe, 
and the development methods used to build these remarkable craft.


This snapshot in time includes 
descriptions of the planking, tacking, preservation and woods utilized in 
construction in addition to the A.A and C.S grades.

Each model 
offered features a detailed narrative of it is unique characteristics in addition to 
the specifications and pricing.

This catalog includes these Old 
The city canoes models:

 “Charles River”, “H. W.”, “Otca”, 
“Ideal”, “Guide’s Special”, 15′ “50 lb”, 16′ “Livery”, “Sponson”, and the “War”.

Also included are the 
double-end boat and the canvas-covered Dinghy or Yacht Tender. 

reasonably priced “Reprints”, this Compact disk comprises high resolution
scanned images which faithfully depict the pages of the Original.

Pages were scanned as high resolution bit map files  after which imported into Adobe Acrobat for viewing or printing from Windows or
Macintosh systems.



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