1980s GI Joe Lot 48 Action Figures (25 intact/23 loose) Accessories and Vehicles



This is my late brother’s collection that he played with as a child.  It’s not that i am an expert but I tried to be thorough in my research.  

Please refer to images and ask questions since it’s all being sold “as is”. Also, before you bid please note that
New York State Residents should pay 7% sales tax. Thank you.

Intact Action Figures 
1982 – 3 Cobra Soldiers with file cards and sniper rifles
           Scarlett with file card (missing crossbow)
           Cobra Commander with file card and laser pistol
1983 – Cobra Officer with file card and rifle
           Destro with file card, laser gun and attache case
           Doc with file card, helmet and stretcher (missing flare launcher)
           Major Bludd with file card and rocket launcher (missing missile backpack)
1984 – Baroness with file card, laser rifle and backpack
           Firefly with file card, backpack, submachine gun and walkie-talkie
           Mutt with file card, helmet, face mask, submachine gun, nightstick, leash and Junkyard dog
           Scrap Iron with file card, missile launcher including missiles, remote activator, and pistol
           Spirit with file card, cassette pack, auto-arrow launcher and Freedom eagle
           2 Storm Shadow with file cards and backpacks (1 is missing the bow and nunchucks)
           Cobra Commander with file card and laser pistol
           Cobra Stinger Driver (pictured with vehicle) with file card
           Copperhead (pictured with vehicle) with file card
           Wild Weasel (pictured with vehicle) with file card
           Zartan (pictured with vehicle) with file card, shield, knee pads, backpack and pistol (missing face mask)
1985 – Crimson Guard with file card, rifle and backpack
           Eels with file card, harpoon, backpack, flippers and air mask
           Tomax with file card (shared with Xamot) laser pistol and skyhook (shared with Xamot)
           Xamot with file card (shared with Tomax) laser pistol and skyhook (shared with Tomax) 
Loose Action Figures
1982 – Breaker with file card, helmet, communications headset and backpack
           Flash with file card, helmet, visor, laser rifle and power pack
           Grunt with file card, helmet, rifle and combat pack
           Rock n’ Roll with file card, helmet, machine gun and bipod
           Stalker with file card and submachine gun
           Snatch (pictured with vehicle) with helmet (missing card)
1983 – Cobra Officer with file card (missing rifle)
           Airborne with file card, helmet, and attack rifle (missing assault pack) 
           Gung Ho with file card, grenade launcher and jungle pack
           Snow Job with file card, laser rifle, polar pack, ski poles and skis
           Torpedo with file card, harpoon, scuba pack and swim fins
           Tripwire with file card, mine detector pack, 3 mines and mine sweeper
           Duke with file card, helmet, submachine gun, binoculars and assault pack
           Ace (pictured with vehicle) with file card
           Cover Girl (pictured with vehicle) with file card
           Wild Bill (pictured with vehicle) with file card
1984 – Blow Torch with file card, helmet, oxygen mask, man pack and flamethrower
           Recondo with file card, rifle and backpack
           Rip Cord with file card, helmet, rifle, oxygen mask, and parachute
           Road Block with file card, helmet, heavy machine gun, tripod, machine gunner backpack and ammo box
1985 – Buzzer (missing card) with chainsaw (missing axe, gas can and backpack)
           Flint with file card and backpack (missing shotgun)
           Snake Eyes with file card, uzi, sword, backpack and Timber wolf
1982 – FLAK (Field Light Attach Cannon)
           RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle) (missing gun)
           VAMP (Multi-Purpose Attach Vehicle) (missing gas can 2)
1983 – Wolverine (missing tow rope)
           Dragonfly XH-1 (missing 1 missile) (bent wings – see picture)
           Machine Gun PAC/RAT with remote control
           Polar Battle Bear (missing bar around seat)
           S.N.A.K.E. Battle Armor in original box
           Skystriker XP-14F in original box (missing parachutes and 2 missiles)
           Cobra F.A.N.G.
           Cobra H.I.S.S.
1984 – Sky Hawk
           Bivouac Battle Station
           Watch Tower Battle Station
           Mortar Defense Unit (missing 4 sandbags and 1 battle stand)
           Chameleon Swamp Skier
           Cobra A.S.P.
           Cobra Rattler with 2 bullet hole panels (landing gear stuck in open position and turret cover broken)
           Cobra Water Moccasin (broken fins)
           Cobra Stinger (missing 1 missile)
           2 Cobra C.L.A.W.
Miscellaneous Items
1982 Snake Eyes file card
1982 Short-Fuze file card
1982 Zap file card
1983 Cobra H.I.S.S. driver file card
1983 Torpedo file card
1983 Battle Gear Accessory Pack with file card (missing 2 visors, laser backpack cross bow, submachine gun and bipod)
1984 Battle Gear Accessory Pack (mortar and mortar stand are dark gray not light gray)
Action figures shall be personally bagged with corresponding accessories and file cards.
Vehicles shall be wrapped in bubble wrap except for the Skystriker and S.N.A.K.E for you to be of their original boxes.


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