1984 Transformers G1 Series 1 PreRub **MEGATRON** (B80/W75/F80) AFA 75Q (EX+/NM)




This auction is for a fantastic AFA 75Q 1984 Series 1 Vintage Generation 1 Transformers PreRub Megatron that has been graded a 75 (EX+ /NM) under the qualified scale by AFA and the subgrades are: Box 80, Window 75, and Figure 80!!! These are excellent subgrades and this Megatron boxed set is in great condition!!! 
There are two tiny cracks on each and every of the perimeters of the AFA case, but just very minor and does no longer have an effect on the seals.
Do no longer miss your opportunity to own this figure, as you may also no longer get a possibility anytime soon and this figure will most effective build up in value!!


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