2016 Cannondale F-Si Hi-MOD Carbon 1 Mountain Bike XL 21.5″ 20.5lbs MSRP: $6390



2016 Cannondale F-Si Carbon 1 29er

The very best. Name one thing you can buy for under $5000 that is the very best money can buy. A bottle of wine? Nope. A table lamp? Try again. Perhaps a vacation? Not a chance. But when Cannondale introduced their carbon F-Series carbon race hardtail’s they created what has to be considered one of the finest cross-country mountain bikes ever made. A 20.5lb race bike that could not have even been dreamt of just 10 years ago. This bike possesses statistics that boggle the mind. Remote bar mounted shock lockout. A ballistic carbon frame designed to flex at specific locations for a better ride. A 2.9lb, single sided front suspension fork. It all comes together to make a speed machine that is tough to equal at any price.

Stealing technology from their carbon road bikes, Cannondale injected this bike with the DNA from their top-of-the-line road bikes. The typical bottom bracket you see on any other run-of-the-mill mountain bike is absent here. In it’s place is a full BB30 press fit integrated bottom bracket. This makes for an incredibly stiff and efficient pedaling platform and is key as to why this bike is so good. From there it is the little things that tie it all together… the massive downtube spreads out to match the bottom bracket at their respective junctions. The headtube is practically the size of a baseball bat which explains this bike stellar path control. All of this is created using Cannondale’s Ballistec carbon which offers incredible resistance to trail debris and mishaps. It’s 4″ of front suspension travel is the perfect amount for efficiently ripping single track and the ultra low mass weight frame (1200 grams) fears no climb. Hit the lockout and put minutes on your pals on the next climb. When you are moving this little mass, it is noticeable how much speed it will carry up a grade.

Cannondale’s specification on this bike I about as smart as it can get. The 1×11 Shimano drive train is far lighter and more efficient then then past 2 and 3 ring mountain bike setups even as also eliminating any redundant gearing. So instead of the typical 3x drive train with 27-30 total speeds (many of which are the same gear ratio in their various combination’s…) this 1×11 drive train saves rotating weight as well as offers much more useful gearing especially for racing. This 1×11 drivetrain also means there is no need for a front shifter, front derailleur and the cable that actuates them This is one of the reasons this bike tips the scale at only 20.5lbs. The Shimano XTR rear derailleur is also very light but it, like the rest of the bike has top tier tech as well. To keep the chain from bouncing around as you tackle tough terrain, the XT rear derailleur is equipped with a clutch system that keeps the chain from bouncing even as riding. This helps eliminate the chance of dropped chains even as riding and creates a much smoother and quieter drivetrain. Cannondale HollowGram Si carbon cranks are 175mm long and carry a whispy light Cannondale 32t “SpideRing” front chainring. This chainring and crank combo are about a light a setup as is available. Controlling all of this is a grouping of levers, buttons and actuators that would make a SpaceX engineer proud. Perched to the Cannondale C1 Carbon handlebars and stem are not only the Shimano XT shifters and XT brake levers but also the Rock Shox X-Loc lockout controls for the Lefty fork. With a push of a button the suspension can be locked out for the ultimate climbing efficiency. Brakes are Shimano XT hydraulic discs front and rear. Saddle is Prologo Nago Evo X8 and seat post is a Cannondale carbon unit with S.A.V.E. flex technology which, like the frame. flexes to absorb the nasty trail.

Wheelset is Mavic’s AWESOME CrossMax 29er which can be setup with of without tubes. At 1580g (710g front, 870g rear) it’s impressively light for an alloy 29er setup, and within 100g of the lightest carbon wheels that can be trusted to steer straight. The latest ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) 4D rim sculpting shaves excess metal from the rim for the minimum of weight at the outside edge, where it matters most for reducing inertia. The bike is currently set up tubeless which allows for a better ride, better traction and lower rotating mass. Schwalbe Racing Ralph (rear) and Rocket Ron (front) tires are in near new condition owing to this bikes ultra low mileage.

So what is it like to ride? “Confidence inspiring” is a common comment you’ll hear from owners of the Carbon F series hardtails. This bike is so stable it will make you a faster rider. The large wheels and low frame weight, combined with the Carbon Lefty 2.0 29er XLR fork, make this bike supremely stable. With 100mm of butter smooth travel, this fork offers incredible bump control. This is thanks to both compression and rebound adjustability and with on the fly lock out, this bike can turn into a climbing machine. The Lefty’s incredible stiffness, 2.94lb weight and smoothness are even more apparent with the 29” wheels. When combined with the superlight Si OPI stem/steerer tube and the FSA BB30 bottom bracket this bike saves hundreds of grams over competitors’ offerings.


The bike is gorgeous as you can see and shows virtually none of the typical signs of use you see in a pre-owned mountain bike. There is no noticeable scratches, paint chips or cable rub to the frames paint and no signs this bike has really been ridden much at all. In fact the only evidence of this bike having been ridden is some heal rub to the face of the crank arms. Everything else about this bike is just eye candy! The paint is glossy and shiny as is the clear coat on the handlebars and seat post. Saddle shows little to no wear as do the tires and handlebar grips. Wheels are dead true and the tires look like they have zero miles on them. And this bike is clean. I am talking clinically clean. No dirt anywhere… not in the gears, around the headset, under the saddle… no where. But this bike is just 1 year old so it’s not THAT surprising that it is in this sort of condition. And with an original purchase price of $6000 you can not only get a mint Cannondale carbon hardtail but you will save some serious money as well.


Frame size is Extra Large which is equivalent of a 21.5″ frame. The bike has a stand over height of 33″ inches and 30.25″ inch reach as measured from the center of the seat posts saddle clamp to the center of the stems handlebar clamp. The effective top tube length is 25.5 inches (64.9cm). This bike will best fit riders in the 6′ 0″ – 6′ 5″ range depending upon your personal body geometry.

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