2017 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, brand new in box



Here’s a in point of fact good opportunity for anyone reasonably larger than me. 

I ordered a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 disc and paid to have it imported from Germany. You’ll’t get it here in the States. Much to my dissatisfaction, it doesn’t fit me. This is a size Medium and I am it seems that a Small. 

So now it sits modern in its box as new, able for a new owner (note: I rode it 3 miles before returning home, disappointed). I have the papers to prove to you that this can be a in point of fact bad deal for me but selling it to a local is likely better than shipping it back. I’m in about $7500 on this one with shipping, taxes and duty payments. If you order this from Canyon, the current price is $5,399 Euro, which is $6,182 — not including tax or shipping. Asking no less than $6000 for the lucky winner. Shipping included.


Size: Medium
Brand new Ultimate SLX 9.0
Dura Ace mech drive train.
DT Swiss carbon wheels 

Full specs at canyon dot com/en/road/ultimate/ultimate-cf-slx-disc-9-0.html


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