26″ 500 Watt Hub Motor Kit



This listing is for an electric bicycle kit alone or with a battery. Make a choice from drop down menu at top. Free Shipping! This is the most efficient deal on eBay for a 36 volt kit and battery combination outside of buying from China. Processed and shipped from Connecticut via UPS Ground. 

Another Great Item from CyclElectric

Each kit contains a hub motor laced in to a 26″ wheel

Available without or with battery
Batteries come with mounting plate and key.
500 Watts 
20 MPH top speed
15-25 miles range (depending on battery chosen)
EASY Install – Plug and Play components with Instructions
Thumb throttle
BLDC Controller
LED Screen
Pedal Assist Function
Mechanical Disk Brake Grips & Integration
If you have any questions we’re happy to assist. 
One thing that helped put us on the map is our modification and customization ability. We’ve been tweaking motors and controllers on electric vehicles to go faster, further, and longer for well over a decade.  A lot is conceivable with these kits, which we think of as a ‘canvas’ of sorts for future tweaks to make them better.  If you purchase a kit from us, we will discount your modifications and send you the personalized kit, ready to be thrown on your bike.
Here are a couple of examples of what we’ve done:
1. Shunt modification for increase in amps (better acceleration)
2. Swap out caps for increase in voltage (higher top speed)
3. Controller/motor swaps and upgrades with compatability analysis and integration (no two controllers are ever the same so we change the plugs and connections to match for seamless install when you get it.
4. Motor sizes up to 50mm stator width and 10,000+ Watts to be had.
5. Controllers to be had with high output capacity to match motors (12,18, 24, and 32 FET Controllers in stock)
6. Drilling and waterproofing (w/ epoxy) to allow for increased air float and protection from elements.
7. Motor Lacing
8. For our local customers (or those who can get a bike to our shop), we can install these components on their bike for them.
9. Battery building and assembly w/18650 Samsung cells. Completed pack comes with Battery Management System (BMS) and XT90 spark proof leads. Up to 32 amp hours and 100.8 volt packs may also be made. 

energize your ride


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