36v 48v Li-ion Battery Dolphin Case Electric Bike Ebike +Cell Holders+USB+Switch



Shipping from California.

This is for DIY. Unlike other cases that you want to assemble it yourself, this best quality case comes assembled. We picked different persons and they are able to make a battery from it. But please read and learn enough, until you feel comfortable to purchase it.

With no battery or BMS included, this can be a prime quality battery case for your batteries. It’ll make your customized ebike professional looking, and more conformable and safer riding. Its exterior dimensions is 14.2in*5.2in*3.1in (36cm*13.1cm*8.1cm).

Coming assembled, this case is easily removable from ebike for recharging or to charge your phone from its USB. It is waterproof. It has a lock, a battery indicator, a charging port (5.2mm*2.1mm), an on-off switch, 18650 cell holders (can hold 52 pcs 18650 cells), and a 5V USB. 

The battery indicator is for 36V. Alternatively, this case can be used for 24v/36V/48v 10-15 Ah electric bicycle battery which can be assembled by cylindrical 18650 cells. The case is made of superior material with good flame resistance, heat dispersion and shock resistance. With widely used in the line of e-bike, the case size is suitable for many types e-bike types.

Can also take a look at our controller boxes to match your needs.

We are selling a prime quality battery case, which we have warranty for return and money back. But we aren’t responsible for educating people how to build a battery. You’ll be able to search “ebike battery case” on YouTube to learn more.

We are running at low cost, but will try keeping our customers satisfied, so you probably have any questions, please let us know ahead.


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