36v 48v lithium battery case electric bike ebike box +18650 holder+USB+switch



This is for DIY and case comes assembled. But it does not contain detailed instructions on how to assemble it into a battery case (pictures show how the battery case will be like after assembling). Working on this case will need some knowledge and skills. We picked different persons and they may be able to make them work. But please read and learn enough, until you feel comfortable to purchase it.

It comes directly from our manufactory.It is a case that holds 65 pcs 18650 cells (no wires, connectors, or BMS). Coming with all screws and components ready so that you can assemble it into a top of the range battery case, it has a USB plug (no pcb to convert it to 5v for a functional USB), on-off switch, battery indicator, and lock to safe your batery case. No battery! Its size is 36*9.2*12cm (14.1*3.6*4.3 inches). Charging connecter is a 3pin XLR female plug. It is great for ebike DIY project if You’ll be able to assemble them.

The battery indicator is for 36V (not very useful though), but case can work for 24V, 36v ,and 48v batteries.

We are selling a top of the range battery case, that we have warranty for return and money back, but we aren’t responsible for educating people how to build a battery case. You’ll be able to search “ebike battery case” on YouTube to be informed more. Among the videos uploaded are related to this battery case. 
We are running at low cost, but will try keeping our customers satisfied, so you probably have any questions, please let us know ahead.


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