(4) Scupper Plugs for Sundolphin Wal-Mart Sun Dolphin Kayaks | 0040000



Scupper Plugs
Product Overview
Scupper plugs are used to plug the holes in sit-on-top kayaks and help to prevent water from coming up all over normal paddling. These plugs can be removed easily as well will have to you wish to have to let excess water out.

These plugs are selected specifically for the scupper holes of a Sundolphin Kayak.  It is a 4 pack but we also sell 6-packs.  You’ll want to look for all the scupper holes in your kayak 

Product Specifications
  • Black in color
  • Rubber construction
  • Designed to fit the scupper holes of a Sundolphin Kayak
  • 4 Pack (4 plugs included)
  • Paracord pull
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