5/16″ Black Shock Cord Marine Grade Bungee Heavy Duty Tie Down Stretch Rope Band


5/16″ Black Shock Cord Marine Grade Bungee Heavy Duty Tie Down Stretch Rope Band

5/16″ Black Shock Cord Marine Grade Bungee Heavy Duty Tie Down Stretch Rope Band

5ft – 75ft Hank of Marine Masters Marine Grade Bungee / Shock / Power Cord

Color:  Black
Length: 5ft – 75ft / 1.66 – 25 yards – One full length of rope, no cuts. 
Diameter: 5/16 Inch / 0.3125 inches / 7.9375mm
Outer Material: Polypropylene
Elasticity: 125% (+/- 5%)

Bungee cord is very versatile tool, and is used in everything from homemade crafts to kayak kits to trailer straps. For customer convenience when sealing your ends, we at all times include an extra 1/8 – 1/4 inch on either tip.
All of our bungee rope is heavy duty, marine grade cord with a polypropylene sheath. We use top quality material in all of our bungee.

Terms to know:
Polypropylene – This is the most popular outer casing material for outdoor or water activities. It has a high water resistance, and will not rot or corrode.
Shock / Bungee / Power cord – The terms shock, bungee, and power cord are interchangeable. Don’t be perplexed by sellers offering “Shock” or “Power” cord as a higher standard.
Hank – A hank is one length of rope with no cuts. 

This cord will work perfect for any need, from household arts and crafts to truck and trailer tie down straps to kayak / canoe rigging and zero gravity chairs, or your own home project. This rope will do the job!

Please message us if you require multiple hanks, specialized lengths, or other details so we will be able to assist you better.  Messages are normally responded to in less than 24 hours. 

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Our Fairing Bolt Kits: We make two types of bolt kits. A Complete kit may include Bolts, Washers, Screws, Clips, Speed Nuts, Well Nuts, Grommets, Lock Nuts, Retainers, and Shoulder Washers. Even as the Standard kit will include Bolts, Washers, and Screws for the fairing pieces by make/model. Please refer to the listing. 

    About our Bolts:

    • Our Stainless Steel bolts have been chemically treated to prevent rust and corrosion Even as maintaining a blackened finish.
    • Unlike other eBay sellers, this is not a powder coating or spray paint which affects the allen head size or the threads on the bolt. These bolts have been chemically altered and will not only last longer, but will not rub or wear off over the years.
    • Our bolts have the standard Hex Head available so that installation is kept simple.

Our fairing hardware is not OEM. Our aftermarket solution uses standard head sizes and washers to achieve proper fitment. 

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