56cm Surly Long Haul Trucker Adventure Rig



Today I’m testing the waters on my Rivendell Bikes-inspired Surly Long Haul Trucker. I’m looking to go for something a little more aggressive, so this one’s ready for a new home! I’ve put very few miles on it, about 200, so it is going to be good to go for reasonably a at the same time as. It’s a very comfortable ride for commuting and includes a great dynamo-powered light set, frame pump, and water bottle cages, so you can save on accessories!

The build was lovingly collected from a couple of vintage and a variety of new parts with reliability and comfort in mind. 26″ wheels are sturdier and accelerate faster than larger wheels, in addition to being more available in less developed areas. The drivetrain is tough and simple to minimize shifting errors or expensive wear parts like cassettes and chains. The tires are fat and cushy to keep both you and your bike protected from the entire bumps on the road. The lights are mounted securely with fasteners, and the painstaking process of installing fenders is already done. Put simply, it’s a get-on-it-and-overlook-everything-else bike!

Thanks for looking!

2016 Surly 26″ Long Haul Trucker

Frame and Fork (decals removed): 480

Suzue Classica rear hub: 140

SP PV-8 dynamo hub: 130

B&M IQ Cyo Premium Senso light: 104

Supernova Airstream taillight: 60

Sycip Singles Bar: 40

IRD Technoglide Headset: 65

Brooks B17 saddle: 100

Velo Orange seatpost: 55

Velo Orange Rando rack: 85

Sugino AT cold forged cranks: 50

Shimano un55 BB: 30

Deore XT vintage derailleur: 30

Schwalbe Big Ben Tires 26×2.1: 100

Sun Rhyno Lite rims: 70

DT Swiss spokes: 64

Shimano bar end shifter and mount: 45

SKS fenders: 60

Vintage Shimano cantis and Koolstops: 40

Topeak frame pump: 25

Wald basket: 23

Shimano brake levers: 25

Stainless bottle cages: 25

Tubes: 12

Grips: 10

Chain: 12

Cassette: 25

Total: $1905 new!

Yours: $1200 OBO


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