5x Patch+Vinyl Repair Kit: Inflatables, Water Toys, Boat, Pool, PVC Yellow INTEX




A Permanent Solution to PVC/Vinyl Water and Air Products.
Unlike self-adhesive products, this won’t come off after few times inflation or touching water.

5 pieces of round Vinyl/PVC repair patches and a vinyl cement/glue set.
Can be used to repair cuts and holes on inflatable boat, raft,
kayak, canoe, above ground swimming pool, air/water bed/mattress,
inflatable sofa and lounge, and water toys.
Intex original material.
Waterproof material and works under air pressure.

5 (five) Pieces
Diameter: ~ 2.5″, 6.35 cm
Durable 23-gauge PVC
Color: Yellow

Glue: 0.2oz (5.67g) Tube
Clear Patch: ~ 7.75″ × 2.75″ (19.7cm × 6.9cm)


  1. Deflate the product so the repair area is as flat as imaginable.
  2. Clean and dry the area thoroughly where repair is to be made. Note: To allow better adhesion on flocked surfaces, apply some glue to the repair area and rub away the flocked texture until a smooth surface is exposed.
  3. Use only enough liquid cement to wet the back to repair area. Note: Do not use too much cement, it’s going to not seal properly.
  4. Press the patch firmly on the repair area and hold temporarily.
  5. If article is an inflatable, do not re-inflate for 12 hours.



  • The glue has a strong smelling. Some people may be sensitive to it.
  • Be careful when the use of for corners and seams.
  • Do not use near fire or flame.
  • Keep out of reach of children.



If you made a decision to use the clear patch included in the repair kit, you may iron the patch for 10sec, to be able to make it flat and prevent it from rolling back. Please use temperature no more than 275°F (nylon or silk). You’ll want to use one or two layers of piece of cotton fabric (e.g. cloth) between the iron and the patch to give protection to the patch from direct heat! Let it cool down for 30sec before use. Too much heat may destroy the patch!


Disclaimer: Please make sure your inflatable is made of PVC/Vinyl material in a different way this patch and glue kit won’t work! This item is NOT for Hypalon materials or bike products.

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