AIRE 130E Self-Bailing Raft



AIRE 130E Self-Bailing Raft – The 130E Self-Bailing Raft by AIRE is for more technical, narrow, rocky rivers and delivers very good maneuverability. A part of AIRE’s “Elliptical” series, it includes a high-rising bow, a relatively narrower beam, smaller diameter tubes, and a square stern to lead from for action-packed whitewater adventure on steep, challenging rivers. The welded PVC outer shell seams and the internal urethane bladders are the root of this highly durable self-bailing raft, and the lace-in floor bails water quickly for a secure ride. The zippered tubes allow for simple get entry to to the bladders in case repairs are needed. 13 D-rings offer various room for gear tie-down, and four handles make for simple carrying. Thwarts not included. The AIRE 130E Self-Bailing Raft makes a sporty paddle raft or a smaller load oar boat.

AIRE 130E Self-Bailing Raft:

Length Width Tube Diameter Air Chambers Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Weight
13′ 2″ 6′ 2″ 19.5″ 5 13″ 93″ 115 lbs.


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