AIRE 143D Self-Bailing Raft



AIRE 143D Self-Bailing Raft – The 143D Self-Bailing Raft by AIRE is The very best all around boat, with more rocker, a shorter waterline, more maneuverability and a more exciting ride. A part of AIRE’s “Diminished” series, this top performance raft is quick on the water and features “diminished” bow and stern tube diameter to put you just about the action. The diminished tubes on the front and rear have the dual benefits of keeping a paddle captain closer to the water in conjunction with better wave punching. The very best all-around raft for paddle teams, it offers excellent maneuverability in challenging conditions, and may be suitable for outfitting with an oar frame (sold one by one) for extended trips. The welded PVC outer shell seams and the internal urethane bladders are the foundation of this highly durable self-bailing raft, and the lace-in floor bails water quickly for a secure ride. The zippered tubes allow for simple get right of entry to to the bladders in case repairs are needed. 12 D-rings offer plenty of

AIRE 143D Self-Bailing Raft:

Length Width Tube Diameter Air Chambers Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Weight
14′ 3″ 6′ 8″ 20″ 5 10″ 108″ 146 lbs.


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