AIRE 183R Self-Bailing Raft



AIRE 183R Self-Bailing Raft – The 183R Self-Bailing Raft by AIRE is the biggest raft they offer, so go ahead and bring the kitchen sink, you’ll be able to have room. A part of AIRE’s “Round” series, it is their best, most stable all-around whitewater boat that may be able to run big water. The “round” design, with its large tube diameters and long water lines, offers maximum stability and stiffness and makes it a great choice for groups and gear on big rivers. Set it up with an oar frame (sold one at a time) for extended trips, or on occasion run as a paddle raft. The welded PVC outer shell seams and the internal urethane bladders are the foundation of this highly durable self-bailing raft, and the lace-in floor bails water quickly for a protected ride. The zippered tubes allow for simple get admission to to the bladders in case repairs are needed. 14 D-rings offer quite a few room for gear tie-down, and four handles make for simple carrying. Thwarts not included. The AIRE 183R Self-Bailing Raft is great for Grand Canyon li

AIRE 183R Self-Bailing Raft:

Length Width Tube Diameter Air Chambers Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Weight
18′ 4″ 8′ 6″ 22.25″ 7 12″ 148″ 220 lbs.


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