AIRE BAKraft Expedition Inflatable Kayak



AIRE BAKraft Expedition Inflatable Kayak – The BAKraft Expedition Inflatable Kayak by AIRE is designed to pack more gear, so you’ll be able to go further and longer into remote backcountry rivers. At ten pounds, the twin-membrane design is made with a tricky Dyneema hull fabric and a urethane Aire-cell within. This creates a mild weight, packable boat with superior air retention and simplified in-field repairs. Features come with two air chambers, Summit 2 valves, an inflatable seat back, 14 cargo loops, an inflation bag, a best off hand pump, and a repair kit. The AIRE BAKraft Hybrid Inflatable Kayak is light enough to pack into remote locations and large enough to bring a host of drugs.

AIRE BAKraft Expedition Inflatable Kayak:

Length Width Tube Diameter Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Air Chambers Capacity Weight
10′ 2″ 40″ 12.5″ 10″ 90″ 2 350 lbs. 10.25 lbs.


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