AIRE Leopard 18′ Cataraft



AIRE Leopard 18′ Cataraft – The most important cat AIRE makes, the Leopard cataraft is great for hauling passengers and tons of substances. Ample bow and stern upward push improves speed, tracking and maneuverability. The massive-diameter tubes and fuller ends provide you with quite a lot of room for any gear and passenger combination. PVC-coated tubes provide superior durability, and internal bladders provide an extra measure of strength and safety. Frame chafe strips give protection to the Leopard’s tubes all through the loading and unloading of tables, cooler, dry boxes and other gear. Ergonomic carry handles ease moving the Leopard to and from the water. Whether you are searching for optimum speed and performance or maximum cargo capacity, the AIRE Leopard cataraft will do the trick.

AIRE Leopard Cataraft:

Length Tube Diameter Rocker Waterline Max Frame Length Load Capacity Weight
18′ 26.5″ 29″ 120″ 144″ 1427 lbs. 105 lbs.


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