AIRE Sabertooth R2 Cataraft



AIRE Sabertooth R2 Cataraft – The Sabertooth R2 Cataraft by AIRE is a frameless beast that may be hungry for the challenges of paddling big, technical whitewater. Built with 4 separate AIREcells giving it a rigid, responsive profile, the 20.5-inch diameter tubes and 12.5-foot length provide you with room for any combination of passengers and tool. PVC-coated tubes and floor provide superior durability, and internal bladders provide an extra measure of strength and safety. The high-riding heavy-duty PVC, quick draining mesh floor, lets in it to clear big hydraulics with ease and right away bails when it does get swamped. There are four handles which are located within the interior bow and stern so it may be picked up easily and transported to and from the water. The AIRE Sabertooth R2 Cataraft rides high over waves and holes with speed and agility for even the hardest creeks and rivers.

AIRE Sabertooth R2 Cataraft:

Length Width Tube Diameter Air Chambers Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Weight
12′ 6″ 5′ 8.5″ 20.5″ 4 29″ 93″ 80 lbs.


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