AIRE Super Puma Self-Bailing Raft w/ 2 Thwarts



AIRE Super Puma Self-Bailing Raft w/ 2 Thwarts – The Super Puma raft by AIRE offers extra space for friends and gear. Combining the agility of an inflatable kayak with the cargo capacity of a raft, the Super Puma is an excellent whitewater paddleboat or a nifty rowing rig. The Super Puma makes more uncomplicated water more exciting, even as remaining stable enough for experienced paddlers to run bigger rivers. Bombproof PVC-coated tubes and floor provide superior durability, and internal urethane AIREcells provide an extra measure of strength and safety. The Super Puma’s continuous smooth bottom handles like a kayak or a slick hulled float boat. The piano hinge style floor lacing provides quick self-bailing and a plethora of options for getting just the suitable placement of the thwarts. The Super Puma’s narrow beam permits it to descend smaller rivers and creeks than more conventional sized rafts. So whether you are fishing or paddling big rapids, the AIRE Super Puma raft puts the joys meter within the red zone

AIRE Super Puma Self-Bailing Raft with 2 Thwarts:

Length Width Tube Diam Rocker Waterline Frame Size Load Capacity Weight
13’1″ 5’8″ 18.5″ 14″ 91″ 48″W x 66″L 986 lbs. 100 lbs.


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