AIRE Traveler Inflatable Canoe



Aire TravelerInflatable Canoe -The Traveler inflatable canoe from AIRE is well liked by families, hunters and anglers. Its great stability and large load capacity mean no more tipsy handling. A heavy-duty PVC outer shell provides superior durability, and airtight internal bladders provide an extra measure of strength and safety. The Traveler comes usual with two adjustable/removable seats. With a roomy interior and a couple of tie-down loops, there may be a number of room for gear on solo self-enhance trips. Add a small motor at the transom for moving quickly across still water. On the end of the day, roll the Traveler canoe up and stow it your trunk or closet. The AIRE Traveler tandem inflatable canoe can take you from the mountains to the ocean, and each and every waterway in between.

Traveler Inflatable Canoe

Length Width Tube Diameter Bow/Stern Rise Waterline Max Capacity Weight
15′ 1″ 47″ 14″ 9″ 128″ < 750 lbs. 70 lbs.


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