AIRE Wave Destroyer 15 Cataraft



AIRE Wave Destroyer 15 Cataraft – The Wave Destroyer 15 Cataraft by AIRE is the largest of the Wave Destroyer series and is ideal for high volume water and overnight trips. Built for experienced boaters having a look to challenge big water, the radically kicked tubes rip through waves and are in a position to take on Class V rivers. The continuous curve design and ample bow and stern rocker make it faster, easier to move, and in a position to climb steep waves even better. PVC-coated tubes provide superior durability, and internal bladders provide an extra measure of strength and safety. Frame chafe strips offer protection to the tubes all through the loading and unloading of any gear, and comfortable carry handles make it easy to hold the boat to and from the river. This cataraft changes your local element of whitewater into a playground of possibilities. The AIRE Wave Destroyer 15 Cataraft is great for looking for thrills in your favorite day stretch or for traveling light on multi-day trips.

AIRE Wave Destroyer 15 Cataraft:

Length Tube Diameter Air Chambers Bow/Stern Rise 2″ Waterline Weight
15′ 22″ 4 32″ 109″ 78 lbs.


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