Ark II Mobile Laboratory, 1:32 Scale, TV Series, BIG



Ark II Mobile Laboratory 1:32 Scale

Ark II is an American live-action science fiction series, aimed at children, that aired on CBS, beginning on September 11, 1976 and ending on December 18, 1976 (in addition to reruns through November 13, 1977) as a part of its weekend line-up. It returned for another run on September 16, 1978 and ran through August 25, 1979.  Only 15 half-hour episodes were ever produced. What a great show when I watched it as a kid and watching them again as an adult.

This is a 3-D printed model made of Super strong plastic with cherry wood, Steel and Aluminum.  Loads of labor involved in building this model. The model is 16.5 inches long.  It is vitally big!!!  All that must be done to complete is final sanding and then paint.  The price is firm or a very reasonable offer. I have several of these models and I thought I would sell a couple for other people to have and enjoy.  You probably have any questions, please ask. I will be able to be more than pleased to reply to them.

Thanks for having a look. Happy ebaying.


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