***Band Shieldz Trumpet Protection Kit***New Product***




Best described as the Otter Box for trumpets, Shieldz protects against scratches and dents.

The pieces fit around your trumpet bell and pipe.

– Fit virtually any student or professional model trumpet 
– Protects most at risk areas of you trumpet 
– Snugly fits onto instrument and stays securely in place
– Designed to resist rugged abuse.
– Comes with both bell and pipe shield 
– 30 day money-back guarantee 
– Greatly increases the life and value of your trumpet 
– Patent pending

“I am a former trumpet player and purchased this for my daughter who is in her first year of marching band.  We both find it irresistible! Now laying her trumpet down on the pavement isn’t a big issue!” –Happy Mom. Georgia

“The Shieldz are great! I have expensive equipment and on account of Shieldz I feel comfortable the usage of it in a practice environment. Shieldz has saved my pipe and bell from untold rocks and pebbles that plague marching bands around the globe.” –Spencer. Texas

“The Band Shieldz is one if the most useful/cheap products I’ve ever bought for my horn. Shieldz has been extremely really helpful to me in preventing my instrument from being damaged by the ground. I recommend Band Shieldz to every trumpet player in high school.” –Nick. Texas 

“I love this product. I have a Martin Committee trumpet that’s worth over 3,000 dollars and I feel a bit more comfortable putting my horn down on a hard surface.”        Professional Musician and Teacher

         ******Learn more at; bandshieldz.com******
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