Bionx eBike Speed Limit Removal Programming Unlocking



Unleash the full potential of your Bionx electric bike!

Bionx is the some of the industry’s most advanced e bike conversion kits, but it’s crippled to a 20 mph speed limit. I will be able to remove the speed limit! Many states don’t have laws specific to electric bikes, and in those states they generally don’t have speed limits set for electric bikes. Let me unleash the full potential of your Bionx powered electric bicycle. Depending on your system, the age of your battery, rider weight, terrain, and the amount of pedaling you do, you can expect a new top speed of 24 mph to almost 30 mph with 350 series Bionx systems and a 48v battery.

I am a professionally trained bicycle mechanic and I have installed many Bionx systems.

To be clear, you are purchasing a service from me. Specifically, I will be able to remove all speed limits from your Bionx system. This can be a software modification only, no hardware is changed. This service may void your warranty. Please check with BionX customer service if you have questions. I will be able to also reverse the unlocking for free if you pay shipping both ways.

To remove the limits, you can wish to ship me your motor and console. Buyer is responsible for shipment costs both TO and FROM my location in Alexandria, Virginia. Local dropoffs are also welcome. For over 2 years I have been eBay’s exclusive provider of this removal service and have had dozens of satisfied customers. Please check my feedback for details!

What you receive when purchasing this service:

  • The unlocking service itself, removing all speed limits from the Bionx system.

  • Free reversal service, if you ever want your system returned to factory settings, simply pay shipping both ways and I will be able to update your system firmware to the most recent version.

  • Knowing that you’re dealing with a trained bicycle mechanic that has specific Bionx experience.

  • A make it possible for if I will be able to’t unlock your system, I will be able to refund the cost of this auction in full. Unfortunately I cannot refund shipping fees.


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