Boat Davits RBD100 for inflatable boats,on swim platform by WeaverMarine Indust.



  • Note : These are original Weaver , made in USA ,life time warranty & not the inferior knock offs sometimes seen

This Weaver RBD100 Snap Davit System is for attaching your inflatable boat to the swim platform which makes it easier and safer, to  both mount the outboard motor, and board the inflatable. Weaver Industries has been manufacturing this system for many years.   The grey rubber pads glue onto the inflatable, and the stainless steel brackets bolt onto the swim platform. When ready to get underway, you simply hinge the inflatable out of the water and transport it on the swim platform.  (Also available for hard shell dinghies)  Note : Glue not included and needs to be purchased separately because of ” hazardous materials designation for shipping .

If you should sell your inflatable to upgrade to a better / larger one, You’ll be able to remove all parts and only leave the rubber pads on the inflatable . Then to reuse the Davits on your new one you want to only purchase the rubber pads .

As a Weaver Marine distributor I will be able to assist with ALL of the special items such as Snap Ups, Offset/Upset, Extended, pads only , any of the 17 stand offs available, etc. Contact me and I will be able to assist. Then to sell that special item I will be able to list an auction with that item only, so we can not be accused of selling “off e-bay”. For help installing , or purchasing the correct item contact me at Buckeye Marine Distributors. 440 439 9445 or send a question here .

A QUICK KIT available that permits you to quickly remove the raised davits from the swim platform so people using the platform when the inflatable is not attached, will not stub their toes, and to prevent theft of the davits. If purchased with these Weaver Davits the freight for the Quick Kit is free. See our “Other Auctions”  ie:   .Weaver
Davits Quick Kit for Inflatable Dinghies & Rafts  

Please Note : If you have one of the crucial newer boats that has an integrated swim platform and /or one that is high off the water , we have extended and raised davits to fit those types. Contact me . The integrated swim platforms that are hollow inside may require the use of “SnapTogglers” to facilitate attaching the bolts to the hollow platform .($18.90 ,card of 4)  . NOTE : If you are unsure how to add the cost of Togglers  You’ll be able to go to Pay Pal and mark ” send money” to [email protected]
for $37.80 for two cards of Togglers  ( 8 bolts),
  after you have completed the auction purchase, OR ask me to send a money request to you thru Pay Pal for the Togglers, if needed.

All detailed installation instructions, including all stainless steel fasteners, are included with the RBD100 Davits. I have installed these, and have assisted others, so if you have installation questions I will be able to probably help you, even supposing they aren’t at all difficult to install.  This is new 2016 Weaver stock.
To facilitate shipping in USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes we may have to ship items from opened boxes but they are still new stock.   


                            Weaver’s current 2017 list price is $415.41 , plus shipping costs    


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