Bruno Sammartino WWWF purple strap Belt replica



This is the old classic Bruno Sammartino belt. Bruno lost this beautiful belt to Ivan Koloff, Koloff lost it to Pedro Morales back in 1971. I have had this beautiful belt a couple of years ONLY for display. I have made a couple of changes to this belt crystals from purple to clear. In one of the vital pictures you see I had on the belt the stars and the 2 gold flames just for show only to see how it would look. But I don’t need to tamper with a classic belt. I am willing to listen to offers. Don’t let the buy now price scare you off if you care to make a bid.  I have seen this belt being sold in other strap shapes. but this shape comes as regards to the Bruno belt. I will say its new because like I said I had it only for display. Also on the back of the strap the black material is a little off but you’ll be able to sew or glue it back on. Also at the bottom of the front gold plate the black  layer casing covering where my finger is pointing too has a tear/slit but you’ll be able to carefully bond it.  Also the books are included with a picture of Bruno wearing the beautiful belt.It is a fine having a look  belt in person, It is also more or less weighty too.  Shipping is free. any questions just ask.


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