Canoe Mad River Explorer Kevlar 16’4″



River Canoe Explorer Kevlar with paddles–
16′ 4.”
I drove to Oregon and purchased this canoe
September 14th. It is in very good condition. Cost about $3000 new. On the day
after my purchase, Mom said she has made up our minds to move into a retirement home, and
I will be able to be loosing my storage in her RV garage. I’m hoping to sell the canoe before
she moves. I did not have an opportunity to take a look at it out, but you’ll be able to see in the
pictures that it is in good condition. I will be able to deliver up to 150 miles. I have listed this canoe in the community too, so it’s going to sell before the eBay close date. Serial # MAD18234H304

Length 16′ 4″ 
Width Gunwale: 34.5″
Depth Center 14.5″
Depth Bow: 22.75″
Depth Stern: 21″
Max Capacity: 1100 lbs.
Rocker: Bow and Stern 2.125″ 
Weight per manufacture 54 lbs.
Shallow Vee Hull
Aluminum IQ Gunwales


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