Complete Vintage Star Wars action figure collection 119, all original weapons



Here is a large lot of 119 vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures.  This is it, the complete collection.  It includes every figure Kenner made, including the entire key variants. This includes every Power of the Force figure, Yak Face, Vinyl Cape Jawa, Blue Snaggletooth, Sandperson with Hollow Cheek Tubes, Brown Hair Farmboy Luke Skywalker, Brown Hair Bespin Luke, Lando with and without teeth, Walrusman with pink and with white tusks, Bespin Leia with turtleneck and crew neck, Brown Snake Yoda, Jedi Luke with snap-cape and blue lightsaber, and such a lot of more. The set includes several carded figures, Stormtrooper, EV-9D( (with cracked bubble), Warok, Endor Leia, Romba, and Barada.  It also has 3 figures sealed in their cut bubbles – Squidhead, Lando with teeth, and Zuckuss.  Sealed in baggies are the Emperor and C-3PO with removable limbs. 

All weapons are 100% original and glide. All figures in great condition.  All figures will be individually wrapped with their weapons and then placed in a plastic case.  I am a fan and collector first, so I have in mind the importance of keeping them protected throughout transport.
This set includes rare items most other complete collections do not include, such as 3 legged R2 from the Droid Factory, Trash Monster, the Rebo Band, Salacious Crumb and Jabba, and the Wampa. I can update this listing later with more detailed info.
Please let me know when you’ve got any questions or want more pictures. 
Thanks for taking a look and may the Force be with you.


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