Custom ENVE 4.5 SES clinchers – Sram / Shimano – low miles – Excellent Condition



These were custom built last December by Eric Gottesman of Ergott Wheels in New York.

ENVE decals have been got rid of however the Serial Number sticker remains (see photos)

They are ENVE 4.5 SES rims (textured brake track)  with a Dura Ace FH-9000 rear hub and a Alchemy Elf front hub.

Front wheels and rear non-drive side spokes are Sapim CX-Rays and the rear drive side are Sapim Race spokes on drive-side (makes for a stronger build because of bracing angle)

The rear hub has been modified with Grade 3 ceramic balls and the front hub has Phil Wood bearings as an upgrade.

Rear wheel weighs 860 grams and the front is 651 for a total weight of 1,511 for a bulletproof Aero wheelset

I have approximately $3000 into this build and they have got 3250-3500 miles on them.

I am selling them as I’m going with deeper rims.

They will come with ENVE titanium skewers and a set of the proper ENVE Black brake pads for either Shimano or Campy what ever you want (pads can be used but with various life left)

If you live in LA or Orange County CA I will be able to hand deliver them.


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