Dragon 1/6 Panzer Tank.



Dragon 1:6 scaled Panzer 1 Tank. I purchased this brand new when they first came out. I have had it as part of a collection and it has been on display in a pet free/smoke free home. Tank is as perfect as it can possibly get. I have taken great pains to take care of it and I have made up our minds reluctantly, to sell it. 
This particular Dragon piece is the version that was pre assembled. It required of me to assemble the tracks and turret gun. As well as the exhaust muffler and antenna mast. Other then that, it was near completion. The only thing I did was add three German Iron Crosses on the superstructure. I also glued the front two track protectors in place as they kept falling off. The rear two track protectors are free to remove or leave in place. 
Several points. One, the main commanders hatch cannot be opened. It is locked tight in the closed position. The first tank I purchased, I used to be under the impression the hatch could open. Like others, I forced it and it broke. I returned that tank for a replacement. I never tried nor will I try to open that hatch. Alternatively, someone with excellent modeling skills may be able to open it and perhaps create a better hinge piece to allow the hatch to be opened or closed. So please, when you get this tank, don’t force the hatch open. Two, tank is a model. A rather large, well detailed model, but a model none the less. It is not designed to be rolled around or played with. It is an adult collectible. Now a responsible young adult or child could have this for display, but playing with this is not a good idea. Again, it is a model. Three, As stated, tracks aren’t moveable. They are designed to be positioned upon the wheel assembly for static display. Four, none of the equipment on the superstructure ( shovel, track repairing equipment etc ), is removable. Unless you break it off. None of the other hatches can be opened. There isn’t an interior to the tank. Alternatively, someone with excellent modeling skills might possibly add one.
A little discussion about price. Currently, on EBay, there are three tanks for sale. Two like this one I have and the gray version with the rounded front end. Each of those tanks is priced very high. These are out of production models and thus, very rare. I thought long and hard about what price to set for this model. Personally, the prices others set are, in my opinion, too high. Alternatively, they are able to charge as much or as little as they wish. I merely wanted to check out and sell mine at a fair market price. So, when you see my offered price, please take into consideration shipping, the rarity of this model and it’s manufacture, Dragon. I don’t offer any returns and all items I sell are as advertised. I don’t ship internationally. I do offer local pick up. I will be able to deliver the model within a reasonable distance to cut delivery time and obviously less chance of damage to the model. If sent, I can take great pains to pack model extremely well. Most likely bubble wrap and peanuts. If you have any questions at all about this Panzer Tank, please contact me through the EBay email system. I can respond.
Lastly, Tank will be offered for a limited time only. I am on the lookout for a quick sale. Please examine the pictures carefully and thank you for considering my Panzer I.????????


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