Dugout Canoe



     I made this canoe over the winter from a pine log that I felled in the fall. With lend a hand from a chainsaw, I principally used an adze and planer to succeed in the rough shape, the use of fire the remainder of the way. 

     The turning is more responsive than you could think, and it is extremely stable in the water. Now I (green shirt) weigh 285 lbs and you’ll be able to see how well it held me and someone else, and we comfortably fit 3 people in it. 

Length: 12′
Width: 24″ 
Weight: Approx. 200 lbs
Material: White Pine 
Waterproofing: Natural (oils and tallow)
Capacity: 3 people, or 600 lbs
I can deliver to almost anywhere individually for and extra fee depending on how far from the new New England area.


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