Eternia Almost Complete Masters of the Universe He-Man Lot MOTU Mattel Rare



This is for a vintage Eternia Play Set from the iconic 1980’s series He-Man Masters of the Universe. Eternia is used by the heroic warriors and was part of the 6th wave of He-Man figures that were produced in 1987. 

A little background on Eternia. It is essentially the holy grail of the MOTU line. It was introduced at the very end of the MOTU line and on account of its hefty price tag and massive size there don’t seem to be a ton out there. In my opinion Eternia is the coolest single play set ever produced by any toy line. This is definitely one of the 7th or 8th Eternia I ever had come through my hands and to be 100% honest it never gets old.

There are many small pieces, the one up for auctions contains most of them. Just a few highlights of the one up for auction. The red cannon has the windshield attached to it. This piece is so rare that you are going to pay close to $200 on Ebay for the windshield alone. The monorail motor is included and battery functions still operates. Speaking of the monorail, I have never had tracks in this good of condition. It has only one small break on the tracks. The tracks are very fragile pieces and typically you are going to be lucky to get 3 or 4 in great condition.(A couple of them in the pics are a little dusty but that can be cleaned off. As well the wrench is included. Other included items include the two Gargoyles and all of the grappling hooks and laser cannons. Not all stickers are included, but just a little tip you’ll be able to find Eternia reproduction stickers on Ebay at a great price.

As well just to clarify something in the pictures. At the time pictures were taken the hands were disassembled and I used to be not sure I had the time to figure out how to get them back together, then again I used to be able to take a seat down and figure out how to put it together and it is going to come assembled as seen in the 5th pic.

This Eternia play set is probably about 90% complete and it is in great condition. 

Make sure thw Holy Grail of MOTU items becomes part of your collection today!!

Happy bidding!! 

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