Funko Pop Huge Collection Lot Mystery Random Sale READ FULL DESCRIPTION.



Have you ever wanted a Nerd Cthulhu for your collection,
how about a red dress Elvira, or maybe you’ve wanted a Capt. Spaulding or Sam
from Trick R Treat, but just couldn’t find the money for them, well here is your
  As shown in the 3rd
picture above I have set up stacks of pops 12 rows high and have titled those
stacks with letters A-G.
  Think of it as
a pop vending machine except of course you do not know what pop you will be
  For $12.50 plus shipping you
pick a stack and row, for example A-5, or G-13, and the pop in that spot gets
pulled and sent to you. The pops above the one selected will slide down filling
in that selection and a new pop will be added to the top of that stack. 

will at all times be at least 2 pops in each stack that value at $50 or more, giving
you a minimum, 20% chance or higher of selecting one of them depending on how
many $50+ valued pops are in play at one time, again at a minimum, there will
be at least 14 in play always.
highest valued pop currently in play and somewhere in the stacks at the start
of the sale is a Nerd Cthulhu last valued at $195.  Also later on in this description I have requested that anyone who selects what they would consider to be a good pick to please at the same time as leaving feedback indicate what pop they
received, so expectantly you should be able to check the feedback to see what higher valued pops people have received from this sale by just clicking on the number next to my screen name under “Seller Information” in the upper right side of the screen.

All the pops in my collection will be going
through the stacks. This includes all the ones in the pictures above as well as
many others from sets such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Game Of
Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Flash, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Star Wars,
Supernatural, Big Bang Theory,  Scooby Doo, Family Guy, Orange is the New
Black, Marvel, wrestling, music, sports and so on, and as you’ll be able to see by the 2nd
picture, we are talking somewhere close to 1,000 pops, none of the pops have
been opened, all are currently in pop protectors that they were put into and
have been in since the time that they came into my possession no matter what
their value was at that time, they will be coming from a smoke free home, and most
are in near mint to mint condition, although some do have minor bumps or
creases, less than half of a quarter of the collection at most. All pops in the 3rd picture have been mixed up and re-stacked to avoid anyone trying to zoom into the picture in order to get an unfair advantage at the same time as making their selection.   

All pops are chosen at random by the buyers
so please do not get upset and leave negative feedback if you end up with a pop
you do not like, above all else this is basically a mystery pop sale, you will
not know what you get until it arrives, then again from what I have seen, this is
the only one that gives you the chance at receiving a $100 – $200 valued pop.
Now I do request that if you are lucky enough to end up with what you would
consider to be a really good selection, at the same time as leaving feedback if you could please share which pop or pops you received would be great so others can see how awesome of an opportunity this can turn out to be.  

Lastly you may have noticed in the picture that
there are colored pop protectors in probably the most spaces.  If selected these
represent the following:

White = 6 Inch pops such as King Kong – Tyrant – Iron
Throne – ect.

Blue = pop rides such as the turtle van – Scarface’s Convertible
– Harry Potter trains – ect.

Orange = a 4 pop pack or set of 4 such as the 4
turtles – Family Guy set – Ash vs the Evil Dead set – ect.

Red = a 3 pop pack
or set of 3 such as Yogi Bear set – first to market Power Puff Girl set –
Alien, Ripley, Queen – ect.

Purple = a 2 pop pack or set of 2 such as Army of
Darkness set – Diablo set – Gizmo & Gremlin (Stripe) – ect.

All colored pop
protectors already have the name of the corresponding item or items written on
a piece of paper inside them.  When one is pulled out a new colored
protector will be added in until all are sold.  Any pop sent out that is
valued at less than $25 will be removed from its pop protector and shipped
without one.  Any pop with a value of $25 or more will be sent in the pop
protector it is currently in.  Pops will be packaged in the best way to
ensure safe delivery.  I can do my best to get every order mailed out as
quickly as imaginable. Due to the type of sale this is, all sales are final,
there are no returns offered.  Email me with any questions, thank you for
looking, best of luck, and may the games begin.


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