GI Joe KILLER WHALE 1984 Hatch Motorcycle Windshield Parts Vanes Missile Box Arm



-All parts are unbroken and whole
-For the engine covers and cannon retainers I don’t in reality know which is right or left so pick the one you need and I can ship the one in the picture you choose. I     realize that my price is high on the cannon retainers but these are 100% complete with no broken tabs. See Pictures. These are extremely hard to find in this condition.
-You may not receive the item pictured but it’ll be of comparable quality. If any items aren’t equal in quality I can ship the best available and adjust pictures and price accordingly. I do not pay much attention to stickers so if you have any preferences just ask and I can send pictures of available items.
-If buying a sled launch door please specify if you need horizontal or vertical slits ( only horizontal slits at this time)
I imagine that is everything to disclose but please look at the pictures and message me if you have any questions. I am frequently able to answer questions quickly.
-If you are looking for bargains I have other Items that aren’t perfect but functional such as cannon retainers that are missing the very small tabs at the end of the small tabs. they snap in place but do not hold the cannon in the up position. message me if interested
-I can add more parts throughout this listing so if what you are in search of is sold out please check back at a later date
Thank you for looking
The sled, launch door, and motorcycle I currently have few or no stickers


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