Greenland Kayak, Hawk SS, Superior Kayak – wood and composite, 19′-6″ x 20-3/8″



Greenland style kayak, length 19′-6″, beam 20-3/8″, recommended paddler 5’8″ to  6’2″, 160 to 210 lbs.  This is one of Superior Kayaks’ kit designs (view details at Superior Kayaks).  I have built 10 kayaks, some wood strip, some plywood, and skin on frame.  This boat has very little use since I have such a lot of boats and it is also the reason it is up for auction.  I simply will have to get rid of a few boats.  It is priced to sell for that reason.  I cannot build another boat unless I make room by selling a few.  My boats are bomb proof, you could take them out in a storm and know they would not let you down.  As a result this boat weighs 60 lbs, which is about the same as a comparable factory built glass composite only boat.  It features a carbon coaming, retractable skeg that will never get stuck, flush mounted deck lines and side mounted flush safety lines.  Check out how clean these are in the photos.  This also gives the boat a very clean look.  The paint is a bomb proof 2 part paint used on hot rod frames – it contributes to one of the weight and durability.  The boat has good primary and secondary stability, but this can be a performance boat and handles like one.  

While the general public assume a factory built glass composite boat is sturdier than a wood glass composite boat, this is not the fact. Glass composite boats like wood glass composite boats have an interior and exterior layer of glass.  Unlike a wood glass boat a composite only boat may have nothing between the two layers or padding material soaked in resin.  The padding adds no strength and the resin only adds stiffness, not strength.   Relating to  wood glass composite construction the wood adds an excessive amount of strength and stiffness (at less weight) to the boat and the typical 4 mm spacing between the interior and exterior glass of a wood glass boat adds enormous strength to the structure.  In truth that is the name of the game of the strength in glass composite construction.  The larger the space between the two layers the more added strength.

LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY IN CENTRAL NEW JERSEY.  The boat may be paddled before purchase in a nearby pond if desired.


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