Greenland Sea Kayak, 17’6″ length x 22″ beam, 54 lbs, keyhole cockpit



Greenland Style Sea Kayak 17’6″ x 22″, 54 lbs, designed by One Ocean Kayak.  This boat is a wood glass composite boat.  It features a carbon coaming, front and back keel rub strips, large  flush hatches suitable for storing camping gear,  beautiful  Okume and Sepele  muti-panel  contrasting deck and a 2 part automotive clear coat for the highest UV protection and finish. . Take a look at the photos.  The boat was once built from a kit designed by One Ocean Kayak.  I have built 10 boats over time including strip built, stitch and glue, and skin on frame boats.  Even as the general public would assume a factory built glass boat to sturdier than a wood and glass composite boat, that is not the case.  Wood sandwiched between glass or carbon composite is much stronger than glass alone.  It’s also lighter.  I am selling this boat because I have too many boats and will have to do away with a  few  boats so I will build another boat this winter.  I have hardly used this boat so it barely shows  one season of use.  This is also the reason for the great price.  I enjoyed building it and will gladly take the monetary loss to see someone else the use of the boat and also so I will work on another design this winter.

PICK UP IN CENTRAL NEW JERSEY ONLY.  The boat may be paddled in a local pond before purchase


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