Greenland Style Sea Kayak – Night Heron, 18′ length x 20″ beam



Greenland wood and glass composite kayak, 18′ x 20″, 55 pounds.  The Night Heron is a Nick Shade design built from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit. I’ve built 10 boats which includes strip, plywood and skin on frame.  It’s the hybrid model this means that the deck is wood strip in cedar and walnut and the hull is Okume plywood.  Unlike factory glass composite boats, wood glass composite boats are marine plywood sandwiched between an interior and exterior layer of glass, which is structurally stronger than glass or carbon factory built boats.  The boat includes a carbon coaming and apron, recessed hatches, and a 2 part automotive clear coat for maximum UV protection.  The boat used to be flippantly used for two seasons. I’m selling the boat because I simply have too many boats and should make room so I will build my own design this winter.

THIS IS A PICK UP ONLY AUCTION IN CENTRAL NEW JERSEY.  This boat could also be paddled in a local pond before purchase if desired.


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