GTS Elite Molded Foam Kayak Seat ***Factory Seconds***



GTS Elite Molded Foam Kayak Seat

***Factory Seconds- Return- Used***

This seat was once returned from a customer.  Used once.  In almost perfect condition.  Brass clips are fairly tarnished. SALE IS FINAL. NO RETURNS. Email with questions.

With deep molded center panels and the
contrasting black molded foam perimeter padding, The GTS Elite Kayak
Seat looks more adore it belongs in a high-end sports car relatively than a
kayak. It has wide rear attachment straps for solid positioning which
helps prevent seat slippage. On either side of the seat the paddler has
the option of micro adjusting their forward lean from four ”easy
release” thumb action tension locks. There are two lower tension lock
adjusters for the lumbar area and two upper tension locks for adjustment
of the forward lean as well. Overkill? Possibly, but tuning your kayak
seat to custom fit your back makes an enormous difference in the enjoyment of
your paddling, especially when spending long hours on the water. The
ergonomically sculpted 18” tall back portion of the GTS Elite offers
maximum high back make stronger so you never have to call the chiropractor
while you get back to shore.

We have virtually eliminated that
annoying “kayak seat slippage” with our triangulated 6-point rear
attachment design. In this versatile and infinitely adjustable rear lock
down system the paddler pulls the rear of the kayak seat from two
adjustable upper points, setting the lean, and two adjustable lower
points, which combats any forward slippage. This method of
counterbalancing the pull points secures the seat back to the boat and
provides an extremely supportive and comfortable back plane that allows
you to not only customize the position of the seat, but makes the kayak
seat versatile enough to fit into the broad range of kayaks. From
shallow to deep kayak cockpits we’ve got you covered. And, in the
unlikely event that you get tossed out of your kayak by an unexpected
wave, you know the seat will care for its positioning thereby greatly
facilitating reentry into your kayak.

Available with the following rear detachable pack options:
standard large zipper pack, two-rod fishing pack,
molded foam water bottle pack or hydration pack.

***Please contact
us when shipping items to
Puerto Rico.  Additional
shipping charges will apply.

charges will apply for
.  Please
email for a quote.

***Also, please
note that we are unable to ship to APO/FPO addresses.



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