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Golden Eagle Bike Engines, for Mountain bikes and street...

What is
Golden Eagle?

Established 2001
It’s Unique!
The first and only geared belt drive bicycle
assist engine on the market.
We are the smoothest assist
engine kit on the market.


big repair bills, expensive

tune-ups, or auto

It’s Universal!
Fits on your bicycle without any modifications,
special skills or tools.
Fits mountain bikes and street


Gets up to 180 mpg with a 210lb rider.

100% Made in the USA



ALL components of the Golden Eagle drive
– mount unit, drive ring,
gears, belts, throttle
– are 100% made in the USA – to US standards and provide American jobs.
The mount parts are stamped US steel with
a rust proof coating.

Don’t Settle, Demand the
  • DON’T double your fuel cost
    using Twice the
  • DON’T Pollute the
  • DON’T Burn yourself on a Hot
    Engine sitting
    between your legs
  • DON’T be deceived by Cheap
    when dependability
    and quality is
    what you need! Those
    Cheap engines are
    Not EPA or DOT

3 Year Honda Engine Warranty
1 Year Golden Eagle Mount Warranty

Commute 100 miles per week on the American
made Golden Eagle
for less than $10.00
a month! Quickly
recoup the price
of the engine with
fuel savings
alone. 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke models

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Golden Eagle apologizes for making this Ebay
Ad a mile long. Ebay does not allow merchants
to place links within their ad to the perspective
website that gives detailed information about
the product at hand. We know that our customers
like to have a good knowledge of what they
are buying before they decide to bid, so
we bring you what we feel is the most important
information about our product.

Skeptical about our claims?
Don’t take
our word for it.

Here are 2 extremely credible resources that
can attest to our statements.
  • Popular
    – In their
    March 2004 issue,
    Popular Mechanics
    Magazine did an
    article about our
    belt drive bicycle
    engine. They
    state that installation
    of the Golden Eagle
    was easy
    and took about
    a half an hour
    for someone who is not
    an engineer or
    mechanically inclined.
    They also
    reported that they
    got 33 mph right
    out of the box and
    more than 250 mpg.
  • National Public
    Radio (NPR)
    – In
    November 2003,
    NPR had a few things
    to say about
    Golden Eagle Bike
    Engines being out
    at the Bonneville
    Salt Flats. If
    you were not able
    to tune in and would
    like to hear the
    broadcast; it has
    been made available
    for you to download:

    Download mp3
    NPR Broadcast

Don’t be fooled. If you are serious and
want a dependable product;
buy the best, buy the original,
a Golden Eagle. You won’t
need to speak Chinese or
have an
engineering degree to install
and enjoy miles of smiles.
take a look at our 100%
positive feedback

Mount Kit with Engine

Mounting Kit comes with
everything needed

to mount the engine to
your bike.

Complete Bicycle Assist Engine Kit
with all mount parts

A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount
D. Safety Cover
E. Front Mount
F. Engine w/mount
bracket &
drive assembly
G. Trigger
Throttle, cable
H. Kill Button,
wire attached
I. Oil – for
2-strokes only
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear
K. Nuts, bolts,
washers, Clutch
Knob &

This is a
Universal bicycle
assist engine kit.

We are not
selling bicycles,
we are selling the
engine kit that
mounts on to 24″,
26″ and 700c bikes
with 32 or 36

You are bidding on the Honda GX35 OHC Mini 4 Stroke Engine and Complete
Mounting Kit.

Why is Geared Belt Drive better than
Friction or Chain Drive?

  • No excessive tension, friction
    or vibration to
    cause bike parts to fatigue, engine to
    wear out or burn
    tires up.
  • The geared belt is a more
    efficient (and
    less expensive) method of transferring
    power from engine
    to wheel – ever wonder why
    motorcycle manufactures
    now use the geared
  • Better traction under any
    conditions: rain,
    puddles, muddy roads, snow, sand,
    trail riding or
    on the road.
  • No rollers to rub hole in
    tire, especially
    when wet – even ‘morning dew’
  • Pressure is evenly distributed
    to the entire wheel
    not just the tire; Will not cause
    the rim to warp
    or excessive tire wear.
  • Positive drive system allows
    for more efficient
    power transfer from engine to
  • Simple, Easy to change drive
    gears for multiple
    riding conditions – No adjustment
    or re-alignment
  • Our smaller, Quieter, lighter
    engines yield much
    better gas mileage And
  • Easy to engage belt tension
    lever for pedaling
    or engine use.
  • No dangerous lever on
    handlebar to impale
  • No heavy gear boxes to add
    excessive weight
    and suck up the engine’s
  • Our Lightweight, Trim unit
    sits well within
    the pedal crank and below the
  • No limitation of tire
    selection: aggressive,
    trail or street.
  • You can even keep your fender,
    You’ll be able to’t do That
    with a friction (scrubber)
  • GEBE’s well balanced design
    allows use of kickstand
    that came with your

Golden Eagle’s patented
geared belt, positive drive
system allows for a more
power transfer, from the
engine to the wheel, over
drive or gear reduction
chain drives. You do not
have to put
up with a big, noisy (oil
spitting) engine to achieve
performance, speed or pick-up.

Many of our customers are commuters, disabled
seniors – GEBE is committed
to providing reliable,
transportation. Our 2-Stroke
and 4-Stroke engines are
extremely well built for
long life, dependability
and fuel
efficiency, whilst meeting
Carb Tier II EPA requirements.
Coupled with our efficient,
geared belt power transfer
results in the most dependable,
easy to install and use,
mileage and environmentally
friendly bicycle assist
engine kit

The Golden Eagle
mount kit without the engine
is available for you
“Do-It-Yourself”ers; those
who can’t have enough money the Best
but have
a good engine gathering
dust in the garage and
for the
‘unfortunates’ – deceived
by our competitor’s claims.
that engine off and four
bolts will attach it to
the GE drive.
These Mount Kits without
Engine fit flat-head engines
either a 52mm or 76mm clutch.
Recycle that engine, put
it on
the Golden Eagle drive
and learn how that engine
really Wants
to perform! Please email
us for further

Easy assembly
and installation usually
requires only 30 minutes
to 1 hour.
Snap the Drive Ring on
the rear wheel, install
four nuts and
bolts, one screw for the
kill button and slide the
mount strap
into place on the rear
axle. The trigger throttle
clips on
your handlebars for use
with your thumb or finger,
is more comfortable for
you to use. We recommend
you have
front And rear brakes on
your bicycle.

ALL components of the Golden Eagle drive
– mount
unit, drive ring, gears,
belts, throttle – are 100%
made in
the USA – to US standards
and provide American

The mount parts are
stamped US steel with a
rust proof coating

The trigger throttle is spring loaded – pull
the trigger to go – release
the pressure to slow down
or come
to a complete stop. There
is no shifting of levers
or any type
of clutch movement necessary
for stop and go riding.

The automatic centrifugal
clutch allows engine to
disengage when you let
off on the gas
to slow down, stop or idle
– like the automatic transmission
of your car. No dangerous
levers to push! Control
of bike can
be maintained all the time
with Both hands on the

The Drive Ring is made of
nylon, reinforced gear
material, for long life
and durability.
Fits 24″, 26″ or 700c wheels
with 32 or 36 spokes. Rotate
ring over your wheel until
the spoke slots align with
spokes, using our 4n1 Ring/Spoke/Gear
Key; the spokes easily
click into the slots. Securely
fits most spoke sizes from
gauge to 12 gauge.

With our
patented design, the drive
ring is self centering,
there is no
adjustment – one piece
to install and it doesn’t
come off
easily. The Drive Ring
requires 1 1/4 inch between
the rear
fork and the spokes for
proper clearance.

The geared Drive Belt is Kevlar reinforced
long life and durability.
Although most of our customers
the belt will last for
more than a year, riding
style dictates
belt life. Breaking strength
of 1280 lbs. Extend the
life of
your belt, reduce stress
and pedal a stroke or two
as you take
off or accelerate.

The unit
comes with a Safety Cover
(made of recycled plastic)
for the
moving parts.

One eighth
inch clearance is required
on each side of the axle
for the
Lower Mount Strap, a total
of 1/4 inch. There is ample
room on
most bike axles for the
lower mount strap.

The GEBE mount kit will fit even the larger
diameter tire sizes – up
to 26 x 2.125

Since Golden Eagle entered the scene in 2001,
we’ve watched our competitors claims double
on performance but they still use the same
engines(?). Their units have jumped from
120mpg to 200mpg and 25mph to 45mph – BUT,
there have been No changes to the mount and
they still use the same engines(?). How’d
they do that? GEBE lists the Total weight
– engine and mount – they only list engine
weight. We post performance of our engines
with a 200+lb rider and DB’s are measured
3ft (or distance from engine to rider’s ear).
You can count on receiving performance within
5% of GEBE claims

Honda GX35 OHC Mini 4 Stroke

Complete 4-Stroke Mounting Kit plus Engine

Honda applied their superior engine technology
to create the GX 35cc engine. The ultra-lightweight
GX35 Mini 4-Stroke efficiently delivers the
kind of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet
performance that you’d expect from a larger
engine – but in a very compact package.

Advanced Technology

  • 4-stroke – no fuel/oil mixing
  • Exclusive rotary-slinger lubrication system
  • Compact, Lightweight & Powerful
  • A Green Machine – CARB Tier II, Phase II
    Compliant, & EPA Certified
  • Belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical
  • Precision engineered components result in
    lower vibration

Honda GX35 1.6hp OHC Mini 4 Stroke

Honda applied their superior engine technology
to create the world’s first 360° inclinable
4-Stroke engines. The ultra-lightweight GX35
Mini 4-Stroke efficiently delivers the kind
of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance
that you’d expect from a larger engine –
but in a very compact package.

Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation

  • Approximately half the operating cost of
    comparable 2-stroke engines
  • Efficient port configuration and large diameter
    valves maximize power output
  • Lighter, more rigid valve train
  • Carburetor equipped with accelerator pump
    for fast, easy acceleration

Smooth Performance

  • Precision engineered components result in
    lower vibration
  • Lighter piston minimizes vibration
  • Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater
  • Roller bearing supported connecting rod

Exceptionally Quiet

  • Belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical
  • Large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system
  • Sophisticated air intake system

Proven Reliability

  • High quality materials, fit, and finish
  • Lifetime timing belt design
  • Integrated fuel system protection
  • Diaphragm carburetor

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Easily accessible spark plug
  • Easy to drain and re-fill oil
  • No mixing of gas and oil

Easy Starting

  • Exhaust decompression system
  • Unique low inertia design

Emissions Compliant

  • CARB and EPA certified
  • No catalyst necessary

Performance Curve

Approximately half the operating cost of
comparable 2-stroke engines

Efficient 4-Stroke technology
not only offers
superior fuel economy,
it also requires no
mixing of oil in the engine’s
fuel supply.
This substantially reduces
both oil consumption
and the emission of unburned
oil in the exhaust.

An exclusive Honda rotary-slinger
system keeps oil in a completely
misted state
and circulates it using
pressure fluctuations
generated by the movement
of the piston.

Built-in passages effectively
return the
circulated oil to the oil
reservoir from
every part of the engine.
An oil return port
positioned in the center
of the reservoir
prevents oil from accidentally
flowing into
the combustion chamber.

The results include better
all-around environmental
performance and operating
costs that actually
decrease the more the engine
is used!

Belt-driven OHC design

In addition to the milder
operating noise
of 4-Stroke engines in
general, the Mini
4-Stroke’s belt-driven
OHC design further
reduces unpleasant mechanical
noise. Its
lighter piston and other
moving parts help
keep vibration to a comfortable

**CLICK for (Honda’s Three Year Engine Warranty)
**CLICK for (GEBE One Year Mount Warranty)

GEBE offers three, easy
to change drive gears
, an allen wrench (5/32″ or 4mm), our
new 4-N-1 ring/spoke/gear
Key and a few minutes
are all that is needed
to change gears. The
tension arm automatically
adjusts for proper
belt tension with all three
gears, no additional
adjustment is necessary.
The Standard gear
(included with kit) allows
speeds up to 27-28mph,
is great for most terrain
– street, highway
and moderate hills/trails.

** The Trail gear (sold separately) has more low-end torque
– is better for off-road,
more hilly areas
or pulling a heavier load.

** The Highway gear (sold separately) has less low-end torque
– is better for more level
ground for a faster
commute and higher mileage

  • There is a 10% difference in top speed between
    the Trail, Standard,
    and Highway gears.

** IMPORTANT! Kits are NOT designed to mount on a Quick
Release axle. The Quick Release should be
replaced with a standard solid axle (available
at most bicycle shops), comes with cones
and bearings. – OR – You’ll be able to purchase a Replacement
axle from GEBE that fits the cones and bearings
of the 10mm Fine(most common) or 1.25mm Coarse
(Rare) quick release axle.

** IMPORTANT! Check and tighten all nuts, bolts and spokes
on the bike and mount kit Before taking off
for your New Adventures in cycling. Nuts,
bolts even spokes will seat as they adjust
to the new speeds you are traveling – Re-check
and Re-tighten All nuts and bolts after 1st
gallon running time – even the front and
lower mount straps, knob on tension lever
arm and spokes. When you’ve run a few gallons
out, the nuts, bolts and spokes should have
seated and you shouldn’t have to check as
ceaselessly. With any piece of transportation,
it is prudent to perform routine bike and
engine maintenance (see manual). Depending
on the number of miles, your particular bike
and individual riding style, frequency will

DO NOT Over-tighten
spokes. Normal torque on
spokes is all that is required.
Wheels have an automatic
bow when cornering fast,
tightening spokes can cause
them to break when making
turns at fast speeds.

NOT torque down on the
nut (pivot point) on belt
tension lever
arm. A lock nut is pre-set
from factory, you don’t
want it
loose but to torque it
down causes improper belt
tension and
adversely affects free
movement of the tension
arm. This arm
must pivot freely for proper
alignment and belt tension.

We DO NOT recommend you
motorize a 27″ touring
bike, the rims and spokes
of these
bikes may not hold up well
to the pounding they will
take at
Eagle speed.

**IMPORTANT** DO NOT modify mount parts or change any
angles – any changes will effect performance
and/or operation and could void Warranty.


We recommend dual brakes and that they be
in good condition,
replace pads if

Frequently Asked

  • How much does the kit weigh?

Depending on the engine you get – Total weight
of engine and all mounting parts range from
12 lbs to 14 lbs.

  • How loud are the engines?
All small engines are between 70db’s at Idle
to 85 db’s at Full Throttle. 4-stroke engines
are in the same range, it’s the Tone many
find less irritating that results in the
“Quiet” reputation – the 2-stroke
Tanaka is, also, in this category.
  • Can I pedal with out the engine running?

YES…One of the crucial features of our kit is that
You’ll be able to disengage
the belt tensioner with
a flip of a
small lever and the bike will
pedal like

  • What kind of fuel does it take?

The 2-stroke engines use Unleaded Gas, 87
octane or better with Quality 50:1 2-stroke
mixing oil for Air Cooled engines – we Highly
recommend synthetic Blends, not straight

For the 4-stroke
engines, 87
octane, or better,
is recommended
and the oil
you find runs
best in your
auto and/or
recommended for
weather conditions
in your area,
your Engine

  • Would a bicycle shop be a good place to take
    my Eagle for installation?

No, many bicycle shops have a negative attitude,
in terms of motorizing a bike, they
feel everyone should be in Lance’s physical
condition. If you don’t have the time (or
the inclination) to do the installation yourself,
take the unit to your neighborhood lawn and
garden repair – these folks are familiar
with engines And which end of the screwdriver
to use!

  • When you say “pedal a few strokes”
    on take-off, what
    speed do you recommend
    before pulling
    on the throttle?

You don’t have to pedal up to any certain
speed, just a few strokes to start the bike
rolling, as you ease on the throttle. Taking
off from a traffic light, I At all times pedal
a few More strokes for a Faster take-off.
When I say ‘ease’ on the throttle, I mean
– Don’t Yank it! Treat the machine with a
little respect and you’ll be able to be rewarded for
a Long time – these are Bicycle engines Not
motorcycles (although some of these engines
might argue that opinion;).

  • What features should I look for in a bike
    – Specifically
    to motorize?

Specifically? 36 spoke (Stainless steel spokes)
wheels, solid axle (not a quick release)
and Rim brakes will simplify the process
– Then #1, find a bike that’s Comfortable
for You! Fenders, rear view mirror, speedometer
and a Nice Fat Comfort Saddle, our customers
find they spend a Lot more time on their
Eagle than they Ever did on a pedal bike.

  • Any problems reported with Disk brakes?

Some disk brakes only require the lower mount
strap be spaced out with a nut/washer for
proper mounting – Others find they have to
grind a 1/4″ wedge from the lower strap
to clear the brake, still others require
Serious modification of the mount and would
not be recommended.

  • Can I mount an Eagle top my Mono-shock bike?

Yes. The front mount strap is attached to
the fender bolt hole (Not the seatpost),
the securely mounted engine moves With the

  • What are the belts made out of?

The belts are a Kevlar based material; (what
bullet proof vests are made of) for super
long life and strength.

  • How do I turn them off or stop the motor?

The Golden Eagle standard kit comes with
a simple kill button You’ll be able to attach to your
handlebar – OR – flip the engine choke lever
On/forward to kill the engine.

  • Do I need a driver’s license to ride one
    of these?

No, in most states our kit does not classify
as a motor vehicle/moped. Check your local
laws to be safe.


The chief engineer here at Golden
Eagle designed
the friction drive unit that was
chosen as “Official
Transportation” at the
Knoxville Worlds
Fair in 1980. Having worked on
friction drives
for several years he became
acutely aware
of the pitfalls and drawbacks of
this type of
design SO it was back to the drawing

The first
prototype we
built was made from the belt off a
cloths dryer,
weed trimmer engine and
tray. Now, after years of design
changes and
testing, he has come up with a design
we consider
better then anything on the market.
Better performance,
better mileage, less wear on
the engine


At Golden Eagle it is our goal to
provide the
most dependable and affordable
for young and old alike. To
continue to
work on research and development of
the best bicycle
assist device available, and
provide transportation
for physically or the

We want you to ride safe.
At all times wear your safety
Helmets are the
law in most states,
we also feel eye protection is a

  • Make sure your bike parts will be
    safe for the speeds
    you will be running.
  • Make sure your rear rim / wheel is
    true and there is no
    warp or wobble.
  • Give your bike a complete safety
  • Be sure all nuts and bolts are
  • Check your brakes for wear and
    proper adjustment.
  • Check your tires.
  • Consult the manual that came with
    your bicycle for a
    complete safety and maintenance check.
  • Obey ALL traffic and speed laws,
    drive Respectfully
    & Politely but Defensively.
  • Do Not ride faster than your field
    of vision – avoid potholes
    and debris to avoid accident or
    wheel damage.
  • Wear a good BMX type, full
    coverage helmet.
  • A Mirror is all but a necessity.
  • Front and Rear Fenders are more
    than convenient, keep
    road grime and debris out of your
    face and off your back.
  • After you have run a through a few
    gallons of gas, re-check
    and re-tighten any nuts, bolts
    and spokes – this is
    your transportation, perform
    maintenance routinely.

Payment Info Shipping Info

For Ebay Auctions we

Paypal, Cashiers Checks, Visa, MasterCard,
American Express
and Discover.

For Credit Card orders,
please give us a call.

For winning Auctions within the United States,
shipping is $85.00

Shipping rates indicated
are for US contiguous
states Only.
Shipping for HI, AK and International orders
will vary

For mail orders please enclose a cashier’s
check to:

Golden Eagle
Bike Engines

1934 East Apple Ave #191
Muskegon, MI 49442

If you have ANY questions, we
would be more than happy to answer anything
you might want to know.

Thank you for looking & happy


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