Huge Inner Tube, Rafting Tube, River Tube Cover Combo New with Attaching Buckles



Huge River Tubing Combo with Buckles
Purple Top and Black Bottom Tube and Cover Combo

Great for Rivers, Lakes and Pools
Huge 44″ Truck Inner Tube
Brand New, Factory Direct

600 Denier Mildew and UV Resistant Poly Canvas Top and Bottom
Comes with
reinforced Handles and a Solid Bottom (a nice safety feature)
Made Specially to fit the 8.25R20, 10.00R20 and 11.00R20 Inner Tubes
Cover comes with Sewn In Buckles for Attaching to other Tubes. Great
for group tubing, family tubing or even for floating that cooler in the back of
you on a relaxing lazy river ride.
This cover is NOT Tow-Able. For tow-able covers please see out other ads.

No Breakable Zippers, No ElCheapo Materials
Made for a Lifetime of Tubing Fun.
These Covers are Individually Hand Made right here in Denver, Colorado.
(Please Support Local Small Businesses) Made in the USA! Colorado Proud!

This Ad is for a Huge Purple Top Black Bottom River Tube Cover with Attaching Buckles.
Each Buckle has a Break Away Strength of 190 lbs. When
attached to another tube at both buckle points it makes for a combined
380 lb weight resistance. Buckles are sewn into the seam using 600 lb
tensile strength polypropylene webbing and are fully adjustable. This is
great for group tubing, family tubing or even for floating that cooler
in the back of you on a relaxing lazy river ride.

For other colors or styles of Tubing please see our other ads or
contact me for your special color selection.
No one has more colors than ClearCreekTubes!

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Inner Tube Maint. Kit

Special Orders also Available to meet your tubing Needs! 404-643-7578

Products are intended for recreational use only. It is not a Life
Saving Device. All the time wear proper safety equipment whilst using. This
includes Life Vests and Helmets for River Tubing; Helmets and Warm
Clothing for Snow Tubing.
*If using any ClearCreekTubes products with
a motorized vehicle you. the user/purchaser assume all
responsibility…if doing so please be safe, wear a helmet!



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On Jan-03-14 at 18:38:30 PST, seller added the following information:

How to inflate your
ClearCreekTubes Inner Tube in 3 steps

           1.       Remove the valve cap. Screw in the
core valve. Replace the valve cap.


This is best accomplished with a ClearCreekTubes Maintenance
Kit core valve driver. If you do not have a core valve driver you’ll use a
pair of tweezers but do be careful; do not puncture the tube, do not bend the
core valve. Do not over tighten the core valve; it should be snug but not over
tight. Removing this valve is the best way to deflate the tube.


2.       If you have purchased the
ClearCreekTubes River or Snow Cover put the tube in the cover now.

Huge 44” cover fits the 8.25r20 or 10.00r20 inner tubes.

Colossal 54” cover fits the 10.00r20 inner tube.

Unfold and center the tube in the
cover. As you air the tube you should re-center it a few times to be sure it
remains even within the cover. Air the tube just until the tube fits the cover
and most of the wrinkles are gone. At about 30” the tube will feel tight. It is
not full. Continue to air the tube until it fits the cover.


If no cover was purchased go to step 3.


the tube using any gas station air pump, bicycle air pump or air compressor. For
your convenience ClearCreekTubes now offers a travel air compressor Inflation
eBay item number: 171348895259

At about 30” the tube will
feel tight. It is not full. Please continue to inflate until you reach the
specified size for your tube.

8.25r20 inner tubes will reach a
maximum of 44”. Inflate to 42”.

10.00r20 inner tubes will reach a
maximum of 48”. Inflate to 44”.

12.00r20 inner tubes will reach a
maximum of 60”. Inflate to 52”.


If you overinflate the tube it is going to stress the rubber making
it easier to pop or puncture. The more give it has, the more abuse it can
withstand. Understand that, air expands as it heats. If you leave your inflated tube
out in the heat it is going to get bigger and bigger until it pops. To prevent this
you should All the time be prepared to release some air from the tube.


You should store your tube in a cool dry place either
deflated or underinflated.

If you have a question please email or call 404-643-7578


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