Huge lot 65+ Vintage G1 Transformers Prime Megatron Combiners Hasbro Original



Here is a awesome huge lot of over 65 original G1 Hasbro Transformers figures by Hasbro from the 80s. These are all original, no Reissues or Chinese KO, just vintage G1 goodness.

These are in every single place 30 years old so there is a little wear but most of these are in great condition. The ones with the heaviest wear that I will be able to see is Ratbat and Trailbreaker.

There are a few with a broken piece,. Prime has a broken smoke stack and bumper,. Hoists head is missing the pin that holds it in place so it’ll come off, a small wing tip on blitzwing is missing, stuff like this, nothing is destroyed or in junk/parts only condition.  Here is a list of what’s included per picture

Pic 1
Ultra Magnus.  Rubber tires. Near complete, missing 2 red missles and  a white connector I believe
Power master Optimus Prime.  Complete with power master.  No broken peg on blue post.
Jetfire.  Complete. Has gun clip, its in last picture.
Galvatron.  Complete 
Metroplex.  Plastic wheels. Near complete.  Missing a few parts which are all missle, small gun for black car and the top tank turret for the white tank.
Constructions/Devastator.  I imagine he is complete with all robots, all individual guns/missles and all devastator parts..  has original card backs and individual parts, see last few pics.
Terrorcon/ Abominus.   I imagine this is also complete with all individual guns and Abominous parts.
Rodiumus Prime.  Rubber wheels. Complete
3 Stunticons,  just the robots. No parts
Airealbots/Superion.  All parts to form Superion are here but missing individual parts. 
Technobots /Computron.  All parts to form Computron there but missing individual weapons
Pics 2 & 3
Starscream.  Near complete missing 1 small missle
Ramjet. Complete
Kup. Complete
Gnaw,  missing 1 of the 2 blue skinny shark arm.
Kickback and Bombshell insecticons. Both complete
Blitzwing. Has gun sword turret but only 1 purple missle. No stickers
Astrotrain. Complete but no stickers
3 deluxe insecticons,   Only green /yellow one in robot mode has a gun, no other parts
Quickswitch.  Missing 1 red gun
Sound wave, has both guns, 2 missles and battery cover.  Door has a crack in it, does not open on its own.
Lazerbeak, Ravage, Rumble Frenzy, all complete,
All other tapes , no weapons
Pic 3 & 4
Overdrive. Has 2 guns
Trailbreaker,  lots of wear, has truck bed cover 2 fist, and a few other pieces. Not complete
Hoist.  Has a few parts not complete,  the metal pin that holds the head joint to the back of the figure is missing so head will come off
Tracks. Has all parts
Prowl and Bluestreak,  both of these figures are in excellent condition for thier age, no broken windshields, doors or trunks, both complete also.
Targetmaster Crosshair w/ pinpoint. Complete
Both Jumpstarters but only 1 has a gun
1 yellow decoy car
2 micromasters, a police car and fire truck
6 minibots not sure of all the names, the yellow one has all tires but there is some wear to him
Red throttlebot,  missing a piece on the side. 
Pic 6
Megaton , nothing broken, very good condition but missing back piece to scope.
Pic 7,8,9
Optimus Prime,  someone has already emailed me and made a comment on the light blue color of the parts on primes trailer, they said it’s a earlier version, .  He is missing a few parts but comes with both fists, gun, 3 missles, roller.  He has 1 broken smoke stack on the arm and a piece of the front bumper is broken. 
Pic 10.  
5 Boxed Transformers.  Boxes do have wear, some more than others. 
Thrust.  Complete with all parts and has instruction booklet and papers.  Box has been taped at top where flap meets box
Inferno. Complete and has instruction booklet, box is missing a flap
Preceptor. Missing a missle, has all other parts at the side of instruction booklet and paper work. The box does have wear.
Topspin,  complete and has instruction booklet
Shrapnel. Complete and has instruction booklet and paper work
Pic 11 & 12
Show weapons, parts for figures not shown in first 10 pics, plus some parts for figures no longer here.  There are uncut card backs also. 

The pictures show all the figure,. The last 2 pictures show cardbacks and other weapons and parts that are included. These parts in the last 2 pictures don’t seem to be the same ones in the first 10 pictures, there are duplicate parts.  If a figure has a instruction booklet it’ll be shown in the last 2 photos with the exception of for the boxed figures which have theirs with them.

View the pictures and ask all questions as all sales are final. No returns.  These are used, not new or mint. They are collectibles and not intended to be played with anymore as a result of age.   This can be a great collection of vintage figures from the Original G1 Transformers line. 

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Winner within the US to pay 59.99 shipping for Priority Mail w tracking and insurance. Payment will be taken via PayPal. Thanks for viewing my listings.


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