Huge Masters of the universe classics lot 64 figures Shadow Weaver, Fisto, etc



This is for 64 Figures from the Masters Of The Universe Classics Line. There are some RARE ones inluded. Each figure comes with the original box I received them in, except for Faker and 1 Merman who did not come in a mailer box. The figures have only been out of the mailer box maybe a couple of times but most of them were opened just so I could see the figure and then it was put back (even a couple of weren’t opened until I needed to tack pictures for this). The figures will have to be nmt-mint as they have never in reality been out of their boxes. There does appear to be some slight curving on the top corners of some figures. I know one of the figures from this line have had issues so when you’ve got a question regarding any particular figure, please ask as I do not know for sure which ones may have issues.

The figures are:
1. Shadow Weaver
2. Fisto
3. Sorceress
4. King He-Man
5. Teela
6. Preternia Disguise He-Man
7. Wun-Dar
8. Roboto
9. Clamp Champ
10. Castle Grayskullman
11. King Randor
12. Extendar
13. OO-Lar
14. Battle Armor He-Man
15. Snout Spout
16. Blade
17. Chief Carnivus
18. Webstor
19. Rio Blast
20. Ram Man
21. Buzz-Off
22. Sy-klone
23. Vikor
24. Scareglow
25. Mer-Man x 2 (2nd one has no mailer box)
26. Ninja Warrior
27. Kobra Khan
28. Evil-Lyn
29. Fang Man
30. Faker (no mailer box, wasn’t shipped with one)
31. Battleground Evil-lyn
32. Spikor
33. Trap Jaw (there is a tear or break in the bubble/plastic on top right)
34. Clawful
35. Saurod
36. Demo-Man
37. Stinkor
38. Draego-Man
39. Plundor
40. Skeletor
41. King Randor
42. Thunderpunch He-Man
43. Fearless Photog
44. Mekaneck
45. Tri-Klops
46. Two Bad
47. Dekker
48. He-Man
49. Lord Dactus
50. The Mighty Spector
51. Man-E-Faces
52. Moss Man
53. Whiplash
54. Battleground Teela
55. Battel Armor Skeletor
56. Jitsu
57. Dragon Blaster Skeletor
58. Gwildor
59. Laser Power He-Man / Laser Light Skeletor
60. Terror Claws Skeletor / Flying Fists He-Man
61. Griffin (mailer box has some slight damage)
62. Panthor
63. Battle Cat
64. Procrustus

Also I have the Eternia, Preternia, Subternia, and Castle Grayskull Maps included.  

These are being sold as is. As I said, they are all in their original packaging with mailer box but I am no expert at grading figures.
Shipping is $200 as I will be able to probably end up shipping these in 8 different boxes but am looking to see if I will be able to do it better. Any shipping costs over $200 I will be able to cover and under $200 the difference will be refunded (not trying to make $ off shipping). Also will only ship to Lower 48 state addresses so no international bidders please! (Sorry)

Again, when you’ve got any questions please ask BEFORE bidding and I will be able to answer as a soon as I will be able to. I you ought to be as fast as I will be able to, but I do work fulltime and do this on the side. 

Thanks for looking and good luck!!


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