Huge Transformers Collection: G1, G2, Commemorative Series, and Generations



Adult collector owned, puppy free, smoke free, has been in storage.

MIB/sealed: Commemorative Series: Rodimus Top, Sideswipe, Smokescreen, Crimson Alert, Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Silverstreak, and Prowl.

MIB/sealed: Optimus Top reissue, Soundwave with cassettes, and Sound Blaster with Cassettes (contains Sound Blaster Field slip duvet).

Open Field/Entire: Commemorative Series Jazz.

Open Field/Entire: G2 Megatron

Loose: G1 Sunstreaker, G1 Swoop, and G1 Counterpunch.

Transformers Generations/Universe: MOC Starscream, MOC Orion Pax, MIB Doubledealer, MIB Blitzwing, Open/Entire Grimlock (opened to take away battery for storage), MIB Optimus vs Megatron, MIB Evolution percent for Optimus Top, and MIB (Field broken) Rodimus vs Cyclonus


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