Inflatable Sailboat with Mariner 3 or Similar Hull. Very portable!



Complete, new inflatable sailboat based on Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Pro,  Intex Seahawk II or Mariner 3 hull. (The 3 boat models are similar – same size and shape.   Lately we have been shipping mostly the Hydro-Force Marine Pro).  It is a fully functional sailboat with steering and the ability to tack upwind.    Comes with assembly instructions and how to sail manual. 

How portable is it?  Sailing conversion kit folds to compact bundle about the size of a set of golf clubs so You’ll be able to easily put it in the trunk of a small car and store it in a closet or under a bed when not in use.   One of the vital photos with this listing shows SailboatsToGo founder Jim Luckett squatting next to two bags.  The black bag is a deflated Seahawk II boat and the longer, thinner gray bag contains the complete sail kit!   

What exactly is it?  This is much more than just a sail and a mast and an inflatable boat. It is a complete sailboat.  Some other companies will offer a sail and mast, and maybe spars or a boom, and call that a “sail kit.”   You cannot convert your inflatable boat for sailing with just a sail and mast.   You wish to have additional parts to hold the mast up, and You wish to have leeboards so You’ll be able to sail across the wind and tack upwind, and You wish to have convenient steering for keep an eye on.   And You wish to have a way to attach everything to your boat and instructions tailored to your boat.   Our sail rig is complete and includes all parts necessary for all these functions.  

Please view this video that shows it sailing and also demonstrates assembly and portability.  

  Click Here For Video 1 .

More videos:  Click Here For Video 2        Click Here For Video 3   and  Click Here For Video 4     [If you can’t view the videos, don’t worry.  This listing is complete without them.]
We are SailboatsToGo, LLC.  We introduced this sail kit about 10 years ago and have hundreds of happy customers in every single place the world the use of it.   We are a small, personal and friendly company. You are welcome to call founder and co-owner Jim Luckett with any questions before or after purchase.  His phone is 978 263 7598.   In addition we offer other sail kits for the Mariner 4, other Seahawk models, Navigator boats, canoes, kayaks, Cheyenne boats, Sevylor boats, Porta-Botes, Wavewalk Kayaks, Paddleski Kayaks, NuCanoes, and row boats.  We are the leader in sail kits for small boats.  One customer who bought our sail kit for his Sevylor boat made this video for us just to express his appreciation: Click Here For Sail Kit On Sevylor Raft Video   (if you intend to use your sail kit on a Sevylor please tell ahead of time because newer Sevylors have gotten pretty wide and we need to substitute a longer front crossbar).
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  Inflatable Sailboat with Intex Seahawk II or Mariner 3 Hull. Very portable! (#111039368020) US $699.00
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  Inflatable Sailboat with Mariner 3 or Similar Hull. Very portable! (#121285061089) US $699.00 View Item
The sail kit is well engineered and ruggedly made.  You’ll be able to enjoy it in moderate winds as a beginner or in strong winds up to 20 mph or even more if you have the skills and accept the risks of sailing in high winds.  This sail kit is made to take it. 
 Comfort:  The sail kit allows a lot of headroom under the sail and it does not take away any floor space in the boat.
Sailing is easy and fun.  You’ll be able to figure out the basics in just a few hours with the included sailing manual and be a sailor your first day on the water.
What’s included:  Complete sail kit with everything needed to convert your boat for sailing.    Sail will be our 45-sq.-ft. model as shown in the photos with this listing.  Also included is a Seahawk II or Mariner 3 inflatable boat with hand pump, boat bag, oars, and patch kit.
Not included but available at additional cost:  A sail kit carry bag.  Adapters to use the sail kit and a motor mount at the same time.  
Detailed parts list:   Nylon sail, mast, spars (the boom and the top spar that hold the sail), the mast step (socket that holds up the mast), metal frame that straps to the boat that everything mounts to, leeboards (fins on the sides that act like a centerboard or keel to counteract side slip so the boat can sail across the wind or tack upwind), steering unit, and one steering oar and oarpin, all necessary straps, ropes and hardware.  Boat with oars, bag, patch kit, seats, pump, gear pouch.
Other Information;
All parts are corrosion resistant.
Weight of the sail kit is only about 35 pounds including all the above parts.  Weight of boat is about 40 lbs.
No modification to the boat is required.
Set up time is about 20 minutes after you have done it a few times.   Initial assembly (one time and then don’t need to repeat) may take about an hour.  Boat inflates in about 10 minutes.
We ship world wide from the USA.    Buyers in other countries will be responsible for taxes of their country.  Canadian customers:  Made in USA so tax should just be your sales tax.  US buyers: No tax aside from in Massachusetts.
One year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship of sail kit.  30 days on boat.
Please learn and obey the rules of protected boating.


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