Kayak Folding Long Haul Quattro Mark II Expedition



Folding Kayak

Long Haul Mark II Quattro Expedition in like-new condition This can be a go anywhere adventure kayak! It’s the same one they use on Arctic expeditions and is the civilian version of the only utilized by military special ops. It has approximately a 900 lb. carrying capacity. Two people can load it up with all their gear and opt for weeks. Great for lakes and rivers or take an expedition to the Keys, the Florida coast, the Bahamas, Baja California, Puget Sound or the Chesapeake. You might be only limited by your imagination. Should you get tired paddling, put up the 54 sq. ft. of reefable mainsail and jib and go with the wind. The sailing rig includes mast board, lee boards, and spinnaker. 

Many extras including spray cover, solo conversion kit, fitted boat cover, Sayer paddles, external get admission to hatch for storage, lifting handles, packing attachments, custom storage bags with carrying straps, dry bags, launching dolly and kick up foot controlled rudder. 

Boat has been used about a dozen times and been in storage the remainder of its life. She is in like new condition.

A new comparably equipped Long Haul costs almost $7000. 

Available for pickup in SE Florida or buyer can pay shipping $200.00


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