Kayak Outboard Motor/Engine Leg for Use with Small Vertical Engine



If you are in need of any accessories or engines to power the craft, please review the website below.

This listing is for the kayak leg without an engine. All wiring and needed bolts to mount the engine are included. Please see other listings for complete setups.

More information can be found on w*w.kayakbuddys.c*m. 
Important details and key points about the kayak or small watercraft engine leg specifically:

  • The kayak buddy is a small outboard leg that is built of aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The only steel used is the drive shaft, clutch housing and lower unit gears.
  • All of the fittings are changed out to stainless to extend the longevity of the leg specifically.
  • Weighs 22lbs with an engine and 12lbs by itself. No electric trolling motor system can match the torque and drive time you get from gas propulsion. Runs for 1hr. on a tank of gas with the throttle fully open using the Honda GX35 engine.
  • Upper most mount position to the center axis of the propeller at its maximum height is 23.5 inches. This length has been modified based on customers request. It allows for more flexibility in the height adjustment for craft with taller side gunnels and decks.
  • You can adjust the trim and lockout of the engine. If an obstacle is struck underwater, the engine will pivot upward, so the mount and propeller incur minimum damage.
  • This is a light weight economical way to guide you through the water using small 2 and 4 stroke engines of your choice.
  • This is not a flipped around weed eater, but a geared actual drive system that uses a centrifugal clutch system and generates torque. Unlike electric which uses thrust, the gas counterpart works identical to a real boat engine and supplies torque to the prop through a splined shaft system gear to benefit from the high rpms. This is why weed eaters fail and burn up. 
  • Uses a kill switch (deadman style) switch type as pictured in the set of images. So if you wish to have to shut the engine even as fishing or diving this is the most efficient method.

These engine legs can be used in fresh or salt water environments, just needless to say to wash them down and lubricate the fittings as a necessary part of your maintenanceThe lower units come already filled with gear oil. It is imperative to use CRC type of marine grade spray to coat all fittings to preserve the life of the hardware. All cables should be greased and salt water washed off after each shuttle. 
Engines sizes available for use on these kayak engine legs are as follows:
  • 35cc – 4 Stroke
  • 50cc – 4 Stroke
  • 71cc – 2 Stroke
Gas engine vs. electric trolling motor comparison vary on many variables, but this is a close example of specifications available.  
  • 35cc is comparable to an 75+b thrust electric
  • 50cc is comparable to an 100+lb thrust electric
  • 71cc is comparable to an 130+lb thrust electric
* These numbers are estimates based on craft length, weight of craft, payload, and hull speed that can be achieved by the craft. Electric can not compare to gas in the sense of torque, longevity, and portability.

Please make sure you mount the engine securely and the propeller is positioned, so that it sits on a slight tilt upward and is located fully under the bottom deckline of the craft, differently cavitation will occur from air pockets. 

Example mounts sold here on ebay from more than a few sellers.
deluxe motor mount with ballast

Returns don’t seem to be accepted, unless the engine leg is defective or damaged as a result of improper shipping or manufacturer defect. This is a wear and tear item, but if you have questions, please inquire.

All notifications of a defective leg or major shipping damage must occur within 24 hrs. of delivery. A slight scratch from shipping is not grounds for a return. Occasionally a scratch from shipping, mounting, and or running the engine into an underwater object occurs.  Any issues or installation help with the kayak engine leg, please contact kayakbuddys directly.


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